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    imranulferdoues Guest
    If Sony follows this, than it will help many mid-class family gamers to continue gaming even if the console never get hacked.

    We might have also a plus point as here in our country some of my known buddies & brothers rent games which can easily be borrowed anytime for 7-15 days or in some case a month.

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    Hopefully Sony is really listening. We will see.

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    kal727 Guest
    It's an interesting position Sony is in. They get to react to the response Microsoft received from the new Xbox. Regardless, this generation or not the, future for reselling games looks bleak.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    To be honest I don't even buy used games. Why? Because gamestop will sell you a used game for 5$ less than a brand new one and it will have chicken grease and scratches on it and you will be lucky if the manual is in good condition or there at all.

    I'm picky about the condition of my games, especially since dirty or damaged discs can damage the system's laser.

    I know the market is big for used games since people are looking anywhere they can to save money, but if I can afford it I'll always buy new anyway.

    Oh, and I'm still against online code or other fees from a used game. Mainly because I like the idea of physically going to a friend's house and playing one of my co-op games with them in person. It beats this age of "online-only if you want multiplayer" gaming market these days. Long gone are the days where people actually got together to enjoy games together, and that feeling gets lost over the internet.

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    elser1 Guest
    i don't like used games either .i buy 95% new. but i do sell mine too in 100% perfect condition apart from the shrink wrap is gone lol

    don't really care either way. i'll only be buying a few "proven good" games for ps4 and sold all my ps3 games already.

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    Agret Guest
    Just put your profile on a USB memory stick and sign on as yourself and you won't encounter any issues.

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    roku1234 Guest


    Not sure if this is the right thread for this post, but why is there a 4th PlayStation console?

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