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Thread: Sony Cuts Costs of PS4 Hardware Production, Price Drop Coming?

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    Sony Cuts Costs of PS4 Hardware Production, Price Drop Coming?

    Today Sony has made available a PDF File revealing that they have already managed to cut the costs of PS4 hardware production which leaves PlayStation 4 fans curious if a price drop will be coming soon.

    To quote: "The cuts have allowed Sony to revise its financial expectations, increasing its projected FY2015 operating income for its Games & Network Services division from 20bn yen to 25bn yen.

    "Sales are expected to be higher than the May forecast primarily due to the strong performance of the PS4," Sony said in its latest earnings report. "Operating income is expected to be higher than the May forecast primarily due to PS4 hardware cost reductions."

    The reduced costs suggest Sony could be better placed to cut the price of PS4 at an earlier point in its life-cycle - or continue to reap improved profits from ongoing sales.

    PS4 sales stood at 7 million in April although Sony has failed to provide an update since. PS3 and PS4 sold a combined 3.4m units between April-June 2014, however, of which the vast majority are expected to be PS4."

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    wolfpack122 Guest
    As long as the PS4 sales stay strong, Sony has no reason to drop the price on the PS4. This production cost cut is to increase the profit Sony makes out of the PS4, keeping current investors happy and attracting new ones. At least this is how I see it.

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    StanSmith Guest
    I doubt they will drop the price but as all previous consoles they will drop the quality and release a crap version at the same price.

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    I saw this yesterday, not sure if it's really a Sony price drop or some kind of special price from the retailer perhaps:

    To quote: Itís not often we see successful consoles drop in price so soon after launch, but the PS4 is currently $349 at Samís Club. For those keeping track, thatís a $50 savings vs MSRP. The deal is on now until August 26, so those without a PS4 and with a Samís Club membership would be advised to snatch one as soon as possible.

    Considering it wasnít long ago that it was hard to scare up a PS4 in-store at full price, this is both a great and surprising deal from the public wholesaler.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    $350 sounded like a huge price drop, then I remembered that picture is from America lol.

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    lightninx Guest
    If only that is the price for one in Europe.

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