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    SwordOfWar Guest
    If you listen closely to how they worded the announcement of DriveClub being free at E3, they said there will be a "PS+ version of DriveClub free to all PS+ members".

    DriveClub retails as a 60$ game. It doesn't make much sense to give the game away for a 50$ year of PS+. What is most likely the case, is that the PS+ version will have some limitations that you will be required to pay money to unlock, hence calling it the "PS+ version" instead of just saying you get a free copy of the game with PS+.

    This is just like how on the recent gamescom 2013 stream, the announcer kept saying "This will be exclusive for PS4 *at launch*". What hes basically saying is those games will be exclusive when they release, but will later on release on other consoles.

    Sony words things in a very subtle way when it's something that doesn't favor the gamer.

    You won't see a price drop anytime soon my friend. The PS4 already launches out the gate being 100$ cheaper than Microsoft's XBOX One package. To further lower the price when it's already lower than the competition at such an early stage in the product's life wouldn't be a wise financial decision.

    For all we know they could be losing money to meet that price point. We won't see another revision until at least another 6 months most likely and I'm willing to bet even longer. Do you really want to be left in the dust for that long while everyone else are enjoying the newest games and the improved interface of the PS4?

    In my particular case, my PS3 YLoD'd on me, so I'm at a situation where its pointless for me to heavily invest back into another PS3 when the PS4 is releasing so soon. So the sooner I can begin gaming on a PlayStation again the better. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had their PS3 quit on them, even if its only a small portion of the userbase, it still sucks.

    In the case of the PS3, those newer, slimmer revisions cut out many nice features, and the design and feel was also much worse, to meet lower price points. Let's see what was cut compared to the original model:

    - No PS2 backwards compatibility
    - Only 2 instead of 4 USB ports
    - No memory card readers
    - No touch capacitive buttons for Power/Eject
    - Only manual operation to open/close disc tray (most recent models)
    - No gloss/chrome finish

    As you can see the new models are drastically different from the original models, and the overall features and build quality is much cheaper. The ONLY good thing about these newer systems is that they run cooler due to smaller manufactured chips. The pros end right there.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    SwordOfWar, I totally agree with you. oh, and about #DRIVECLUB, it's worth $60, so what?

    When PS+ launched on Vita, both Uncharted: GA ($60) and Gravity rush ($30-55) were avaliable as Instant game collection and are avaliable till this moment for free for PS+.

    Why DRIVECLUB can't be the same? They can distribute game for free for PS+ and still get profits from DLC and other microtransactions, even ingame ads.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Been a while since i posted, but i gotta say i still love my old 60GB PS3.

    The trick to make it work without ever YLOD is just to open it up.

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