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    Sony Announces Glacier White PS4 Destiny Bundle, Out in September

    Today at Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference they announced a Glacier White PS4 Destiny Bundle (alongside some pictures) which is due out on September 9th, 2014 for those who are considering getting a PlayStation 4 console.

    Below are the details, E3 2014 video footage and some more PS4 Glacier White pictures, to quote:

    "For anyone who thrives on being noticed by standing out in a crowd... or perhaps simply for anyone looking to pick up a PlayStation 4 later this year, Sony has announced the 'Glacier White PS4' to make your choice of new generation console a little more grey.

    The 500GB Glacier White PS4 comes bundled with Destiny, a white DualShock 4 controller and a thirty day subscription to PS Plus - watch the announcement of the bundle below and let us know if you’re tempted to opt for the new version of the console when it’s out on September 9th:

    Glacier White PS4 and Destiny Bundle Announcement

    Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the newly unveiled Glacier White PS4 will be available for purchase this fall.

    In North America, Latin America and Europe the console will be sold in bundle with Destiny and 30 days of PlayStation Plus for $449 or €439. It will be also sold separately only in Europe for €399.

    The matching vertical stand will be available only in Europe for €19, while the DualShock 4 of the same color will be available in all regions for $59/ €59.


    PS4 Glaicer White - CUH-10xxA (02)

    Why did you adopt white as the new color variation for PS4 when you had other choices?
    We decided to introduce white as a new color variation for PS4 based on market trend as well as demand from users.

    What is the origin of the color name “Glacier White” ?
    We have adopted white that associate with glacier.

    PS Vita TV in “White” and PS4 in “Glacier White” seems to have the same color, but is it true? If that is the case, why did you adopt different color names?
    While both products adopt white, they have different shape, size, and surface finish . When deciding color names, we take various elements into consideration including those factors.

    Along with “Jet Black” and “Glacier White”, will you release other color variation for PS4?
    We are considering numerous possibilities, however we have nothing to announce at this point in time.

    Does PS4 in “Glacier White” have different feature from PS4 in “Jet Black”? Do ”Glacier White” and ”Urban Camouflage” DS4 have different feature from existing DS4 in other colors?
    There is no difference in terms of feature.

    Are you only selling it as part of a bundle pack featuring Destiny in North America? Will it be available separately?
    We have nothing to announce at this point in time.

    I heard that in North America, the limited number of vertical stand in “Glacier White” color will be put in the bundle pack featuring Destiny and PS4 “Glacier White”. Won’t it be available as standalone product?
    We have nothing to announce at this point in time.

    Where can North American users purchase vertical stand for PS4 in “Glacier White”?
    In North America, a limited number of Vertical Stand will be included in the bundle featuring Destiny. We have nothing to announce about selling the stand as standalone product in North America at this point in time.

    What is the reason for not introducing “Glacier White” PS4 and vertical stand as standalone product in North America?
    We decide which product to launch in each region based on market trend in each region.

    PS4 in “Glacier White” will be sold separately in Europe. When will be the release date?
    We have nothing to announce at this point in time.

    Don’t you have any update on global cumulative sold through number for PS4, since it was announced to reach more than 7million globally as of April 6th?
    No. The latest number for global cumulative PS4 sold through is 7 million as of April 6th.

    Will Europe and American version of PS4 in “Glacier White” work in Japan?
    In general, Europe and American version of PS4 work in Japan, but we recommend users purchase PS4 at the region of their residence to guarantee the best overall consumer experience. In addition, users cannot take support service when they use overseas PS4 in Japan.

    Wirelss Controller

    Does DUALSHOCK4 charging station support DUALSHOCK4 in “Urban Camouflage” and “Glacier White” color?

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    More pics for the first post

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    drphuz Guest
    I could fill 500gb up in 6 hours... they still need a bigger hard drive before I bite

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    Einstein911 Guest
    this is the color what i am waiting for

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