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Thread: Rumor: Sony Preparing New PS4 SKU with 1TB of Storage This Fall

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    Rumor: Sony Preparing New PS4 SKU with 1TB of Storage This Fall

    With PS4 releases continuing to eat up PlayStation 4 hard drive space, today according to reports Sony is preparing a new PS4 SKU featuring 1TB of storage slated to arrive this Fall.

    Below are the details, to quote: "A leaked PlayStation 4 model number suggests that Sony is gearing up to release a new PlayStation 4 model with 1 TB of diskspace this Fall.

    The new reveal comes from a retailer source that PS4Daily spoke to, the same source who tipped us off on the upcoming Max Payne 3 PS4 remake, and the same source who first leaked the existence of the original Killzone Shadow Fall bundle back in 2013.

    The retailer says that the only information they’ve received is the model number - called CUH-1001X - the “PLAYSTATION 4″ name, and a Q4 2014 release date. Further inquiries revealed that the big difference is the harddrive, which will double in capacity and likely be part of a new bundle.

    The current US model number is CUH-1001A, the new model is called CUH-1001X, with the “X” signifying a change in the harddrive capacity. The last symbol in the model number stands for HDD capacity, which is currently “A”, and indicates the 500 GB drive. The new “X” is likely a placeholder - the final model numbers are usually revealed during FCC certification in the US (and during certification in other territories).

    We can’t say that we’re surprised that Sony is looking to release a premium PlayStation 4 model. It’s not that expensive to double the harddrive in the console - according to our research, the retail price difference is only $20 between the 500 GB and 1TB drives.

    A quick search on Amazon shows that a 1TB hardrrive can be had for just $20 more than a 500 GB drive. Large OEMs like Sony will definitely get a big discount as well.

    A few months ago, Sony added a new model, which was revealed during FCC certification process. The only change in that model was a new WiFi module, which had received a new antenna. All other components remained the same. Since it takes a while for consumer electronics to get through the FCC process, it’s likely that the new PlayStation 4 with the 1TB drive is already at the FCC, waiting to be inspected and approved.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if the new 1TB model is part of a “premium” SKU, with maybe an added game or two, in order to keep the sales momentum up. We’ll have to wait and see what Sony has in store for us this Fall."

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    StanSmith Guest
    Its needed. I got my PS4 about a month ago and I put a 1TB in it. I got 10 games and its already gone past the half way mark. If I kept the standard 500GB it would be full now.

    The games are huge and it always installs the full game on to the HDD so if the game says its 45GB then thats what it installs. None of the games run from disc, they are more like dongles now. Next time your playing a PS4 game listen for the disc to stop spinning. Proof it all runs from HDD, the disk is just where is installs from it no longer reads from disc.

    I'm thinking we will all need 2-4TB drives for the PS4s in the near future. Give it 2 years when they are a lot more games there will be lots of people with full HDDs looking for even bigger drives so what is the max the PS4 will take? Or will they let it plug in external USB drives and install games there? We need more storage if they are going to fill it with all the game data.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Was the first thing I did when I got my PS4, update to 1TB

    I agree would love to put a 3TB in it, and am pretty sure it will need it.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Come to think about it, when I got my 3rd PS3 I straight away put a 1TB HDD in that too and its half full but that console only has half of my games on it. My CFW PS3 has a 500GB and its always getting things deleted as thats too small.

    I hope the PS4 isn't limited to the drive size as it will definitely need a 3 or 4TB drive.

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    DvdXploitr Guest
    I can't imagine just a $20 difference in retail pricing... it wouldn't make sense to buy the 500GB one at all then.... I think they could drop the 500GB model down to like $350 to have even LOWER price than Xbox One and make the 1TB model at $399 to have the same price point as Xbox One but with 2x the drive space....

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