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Thread: Rumor: PS1 / PS2 Games Heading to PlayStation 4 / PS4 via Emulation

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    Rumor: PS1 / PS2 Games Heading to PlayStation 4 / PS4 via Emulation

    Today Eurogamer (linked above) reports on rumors of PS1 / PS2 games heading to PlayStation 4 / PS4 via emulation with details below.

    To quote: Backwards compatibility is coming to PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Now is only part of the story. A well-placed source working with Sony's streaming service reveals that only PlayStation 3 titles are currently scheduled to use the "gameplay over IP" cloud service. PS1 and PS2 titles are set to follow the more conventional route of running locally under emulation on Sony's latest console - but with the possibility of HD visual enhancements.

    While Sony effectively phased out hardware emulation of previous platforms during the early stages of the PS3 era, it has worked consistently on opening up the PlayStation back catalogue to publishers via software emulation and PSN downloads.

    Internally, PlayStation 3's firmware contains emulators for PS1, PS2 and even the handheld PSP, while Vita is capable of running PS1 and Vita titles virtually flawlessly using the same technology. In short, there's a proven codebase that can only get better for the vastly more powerful PS4.

    Our information suggests that the same internal emulator strategy is planned for PlayStation 4, and we understand that Sony is actively pursuing the ability for older titles to run without the blurry upscaling seen on PS3, suggesting that native HD resolutions are being targeted.

    Assuming this intention carries through to final code, we'll be seeing an effect similar to the resolution scaling seen on unofficial PC emulation of Sony's consoles, as well as a great many of the "HD remasters" we saw on PS3 - where original assets were rendered at a higher resolution, often without any actual remastering at all.

    Sony's use of emulation as opposed to PlayStation Now streaming is an interesting decision - and the right one for enthusiast gamers. Running code locally provides a superior experience in terms of both input latency and image quality, and owing to the bandwidth requirements of continuous gameplay streaming, a single download could actually work out better economically for the platform holder.

    However, anything that can be run on PS3 can also operate on the PlayStation Now servers, so theoretically there is no technical reason why PS1, PS2 and PSP titles running on the existing, upscaling PS3 emulators couldn't be added to the streaming service should Sony see fit - though HD resolution scaling would most likely be off the table in those circumstances.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Well we all know PS1 emulation can practically run on anything these days (and I was surprised not to see it at launch honestly).

    For the PS2, I'd be interesting to see how many games are compatible with only minor or no issues.

    The PS3 is a bit complicated and it's probably a combination of the PS4 not having high enough specs and the emulation software not mature enough to be viable, so this is to be expected.

    I pretty much sold all my old games due to so many models lacking backwards compatibility (and 60GB PS3s eventually failing) so I don't have much of a collection anymore. I'd probably be willing to buy a few of my favorite titles gain though, be it disc or a PSN version if I can find a decent price.

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    Sostanco Guest
    nice news

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    elser1 Guest
    i'd be much happier if there when/if there are lost of great ps4 games than play ps1 etc

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    StanSmith Guest
    This is so great as people love to buy the same game over and over again... NOT!

    The story ends about the same as Remote Play for PS3. Us with CFW can prove just about any game works fine with Remote Play on the Vita but $ony refuse to let it.

    I think it'll be the same with that PlayStation Now. They will only have a handful of games allowed.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Neat. I would buy PS4 for those! However, I am keeping PS3 for PS3 games. Until one day PS4 can play PS3 emulator instead of Playstation Now which I am not interested. I am not getting PS4 due to no games to my liking just yet.

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    Natepig Guest
    I would love to see SSX 3, complete with server emulation, on my big screen with hd textures.

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