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Thread: PS4 System Software Update 1.50 Details by Sony Now Available

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    rodq Guest

    START: 0x200
    SIZE: 229544464 Bytes

    START: 0xDAE9600
    SIZE: 93298992 Bytes

    START: 0x133E3800
    SIZE: 43283960 Bytes

    START: 0x15D2AE00
    SIZE: 535017384 Bytes

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    B7U3 C50SS Guest
    the xmls updated.. did anyone manage to get the pups besides me while they were updating? it seems sony hid the update process it said for a while: <system_pup label="1.50" version="01.500.000"> but before that i noticed it said something else: <system_pup label="1.50" version="01.501.000">

    i managed to get a copy of the ps4 updates for USA users but that's all guess.. it was either the fact they did a good job concealing it or it was that i was downright lazy.. -_- in any case i should have mentioned this beforehand.

    people, plz tell me if someone else noticed this. or am i just hallucinating. hope i'm not seeing stuff.

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    Zarod Guest
    Yes, they changed it from 1.501 to 1.500. I saw that too. I think they realized they made a mistake in numbering the update version and reverted it to the proper number. It's still the same PUPS and hashes, just the number changed.

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    B7U3 C50SS Guest

    Thanks, Zarod!

    Alright, glad to hear i'm correct on this.

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    omgusux Guest
    links are broken

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    There are a lot of links in this thread, but you may find what you are seeking here:

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    GodHandSilva Guest
    some work in ida from my own worst enemy LOL if geohot knew what this was maybe he'd give it a thumbs up

    albeit not related to ps4 tho ....

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    omgusux Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    There are a lot of links in this thread, but you may find what you are seeking here:
    Thank you <3

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    engkuhs Guest

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    kellogs8805 Guest

    Great Guide

    I think that this was a great guide. It really helped me out.

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