Following up on their previous PlayStation 4 Firmware update and recent reports, today Sony has announced that PS4 System Software / Firmware Update 1.74 arrives with details below.

Download: PS4 Firmware v1.74 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware v1.74 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware v1.74 Update (JP)

To quote via Twitter: PlayStation

PS4 system software update 1.74 is coming soon, improves stability of some software.

According to reports, many PlayStation 4 fans are upset with the new 1.74 update because it lacks new features that are slated for the upcoming PS4 Firmware 1.80 update.

Finally, from, to quote: PS4 update 1.74 fixed the sharing bug

The PS4 1.74 firmware mysteriously states it fixes stability issues. While there could be more issues fixed, I can tell you that I’m positive it fixed at least one I know of. I called it the sharing bug, so let me describe it to you. Back in June, I asked Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter if they were aware of an issue with the sharing function/button.

Basically, each time you press the sharing button, you see a menu with three main options. One of them, the left one, let’s you see the video your console recorded for the last 15 minutes of activity, edit and then upload it. Well, each time I pressed the button, I had the video from my previous press, not what the console should have recorded for the last few minutes. In my case it happened all the time and it was frustrating.

I had to press the sharing button once to see the menu, in order for the console to start recording anything by itself (or press twice, but I’m not talking about that particular function). After upgrading to 1.74, I no longer needed to do that.

The console always records the last 15 minutes all the time, like it did when I got it (back in December). I don’t exactly know when this issue started, as I’ve had it for some time when I decided to ask. Well, now I know it is fixed and all I can say is “Thank you!”

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