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    PS4 SDK & PS Vita Test Kit Activation Time Extended Screens Surface

    Following up on his previous PS4 Development Kit (DUH-D1000AA) and PS4 Testing Kit (DUH-T1000AA) leak, PlayStation 4 developer NetYaroze (via has recently made available some new PS4 SDK v1.0 and PS Vita Development Kit (PDEL-1001) / PS Vita Testing Kit (PTEL-1001) screenshots with hints that developers can extend (patch) the activation time on both consoles.

    To quote: LOL... I never seen PS Vita Testing Kit! but think you may sell this unit for MIN. price Euro 400 EUR. ($ 500/600 USD) for Collectable Price.

    F*ck the activation... can be patched! and I know people what do that. hahaha... yeah, that's what I was talking about!

    LOL, same thing here! and can be done also on PS4 TEST Kit (Note: is not my picture, friend who worked on that sent me this one)

    Btw, finally someone has realized that people need to work on these activation keys if need to do something with the New Generation DEV/Test kits! Note: Can be patched for a lifetime use.

    (Joking): For those who are looking for the PS Vita activation key, can download it here (expires in 8542 days):

    For those curious, below are the related hardware details as follows:

    Testing Kit (for PS4 - PlayStation 4)
    • DUH-T1000AA

    Development Kit (for PS4 - PlayStation 4)
    • DUH-D1000AA

    Testing Kit (for NGP, PS Vita - PlayStation Vita)
    • PTEL-1000, PTEL-1001 or PTEL-1002 (JP, US and European)
    • PTEL-2002, PTEL-2004 (EU)

    Development Kit (for NGP, PS Vita - PlayStation Vita)
    • PDEL-1000, PDEL-1002 and PDEL-2002, PDEL-2004 (PAL)

    PS4 SDK & PS Vita Test Kit Activation Time Extended Screens Surface

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    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    1186062_653690048018917_1524223644517487406_n.png   1544614_652970874757501_8701047494181310949_n.png   1549493_656937721027483_6211924195527228737_n.png   1897730_652972184757370_7555998167179555915_n.png   10151333_653246421396613_7423139011919509097_n.png  

    10151428_657689317618990_2077320433285664651_n.png   10151933_652970041424251_1974917692478812594_n.png   10152410_656957771025478_3031143238927320236_n.png   10153172_652971191424136_1668994244310237578_n.png   10256801_657735210947734_8397534684924226811_n.png  

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    So, I guess you need to have a PS4 dev kit in order to extend the usage time and go crazy with the PS4 dev console.

    Can you do something with the activation software and your personal (retail) PS4 ?

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