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    PS4 Group Messaging Bug Could Corrupt Consoles, Possible Fixes

    Today nyteryder79 shared news on a PS4 Group Messaging Bug that could corrupt PlayStation 4 consoles alongside some possible PS4 fixes below, as follows:

    PSA: Avoid group messaging on your PS4. There is a bug on the PSN side. This bug ended up corrupting my PS4 and I had to reinitialize and redownload everything!

    So, 4 of my buddies and I were in a group chat that we've been using since the release of the PS4 in the U.S. We would post screenshots and just general chat. Then for some unknown reason, I couldn't add any more messages to the chat session; I also couldn't delete it, contribute to it in any way or change it's title.

    The next day, I couldn't send or receive any messages from anyone, including party invites in CoD, party invites on PS4, etc. I would get the notification, but the new messages wouldn't appear in my message list. The PlayStation app could see the messages, but I couldn't do anything with them there either. When I tried, I got error messages when I tried to submit a response, delete it, etc.

    After about an hour of gaming, my PS4 switched to a blue screen and started to rebuild the database, which took about an hour. When it was finished, it said my database was corrupt.

    So, I turned the PS4 off, booted into safe mode and attempted to rebuild the database. It said it finished, so I booted the console back up, but all my messages were still screwed and the main row of icons on the homescreen were in a completely crazy order.

    I decided to give Sony support a call and they ran me through the troubleshooting. Since I already tried rebuilding the database, they told me I needed to initialize the console (reinstall system software), which was the last option in safe mode. This sucked because I lost all my screenshots and had to redownload and setup everything!

    So I proceeded to initialize, then signed in and went to "My Library" in the PlayStation Store to redownload everything again. When that was all done, I got a notification that I had a new message. Guess what message it was. That damn group chat again. N

    one of my other messages, just this damn thing. It was like a bad zit that keeps popping up! The only shining light here is that PS+ had backups of all of my game saves, so I didn't have to loose my game settings or progress.

    After a couple days, I got some even more strange behavior. Every time I boot my PS4, I get a notification about that message, but when I go to check my messages, I see that group chat for a split second before it disappears.

    I got all my friends to delete that message off their consoles and they were able to do so successfully. However, that message still even shows up on my PlayStation app as well as my PS4 (for a brief second). I've done everything I can do at this point, including clearing all my messages from my PS3.

    I called Sony support one last time and the agent I spoke to realized that this is an issue on the PSN side, not the user side. It's an issue with the servers on the PSN that needs to be addressed, so she filed a ticket.

    If you have this issue as well, be sure to call Sony support and report it. The more people report it, the sooner it can be addressed. Be warned though, the steps they will have you go through are as follows:
    • Boot into safe mode and rebuild the database
    • Try installing the PlayStation app onto a mobile device and delete the messages there
    • Clear the messages from your PS3
    • If all the above fails, boot into safe mode and choose the last option: Initialize (reinstall system software). This requires you to download the 800+MB file, put it on a FAT32 formatted flash drive. This will wipe everything, including your HDD. You will have to redownload and reinstall every game, app, etc. as well as set all your settings back up.

    TL;DR - Avoid group messages/chats for the time being as a precaution. A group message was glitched on the server side and ended up corrupting my console and I had to wipe it and reinstall everything. If you have an issue with group chats, report it to Sony.

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Way to go Sony by NOT implementing any kind of (local) backup / restore feature whatsover ... back to caves!

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    Sostanco Guest
    Yeah you're right, local backup most of the times can save ppl without psn+ account!

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    Liongooder Guest
    Thanks for the heads up bro that was really helpful.

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    FireLion Guest
    What kind of (local) backup / restore are you talking about? Game Saves? Because yeah, there is a local backup/restore option for that.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    If you had any common sense or intelligence you'd of found the option under Settings, Application Saved Data Management.

    You're such a freaking genius

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    HASBIHAL Guest
    Thanks for the heads up.

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