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    PS4 FAQ and Shuhei Yoshida on PlayStation 4 Game Region Locking

    Not long since the last update, today a Japanese PS4 FAQ warns of possible region-locked games, however, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida says the PlayStation 4 console is still region-free.

    To quote from DualShockers.com (linked above): "With the opening of the preorders of the PS4 (that went sold out almost instantly) in Japan, Sony Released a new official FAQ to explain the consoles most relevant ins and outs, and there’s one point that got a few gamers worried about the possibility of not being able to play games from regions different from their console.

    Q: Can I use in Japan the game titles and PS4 console released overseas? Conversely, can PS4 titles sold in Japan be used in foreign countries?

    A: From the view point of each region’s safety standards and to guarantee operation, please purchase the PS4 console and the games that are sold in your area. There’s the possibility that the titles of some software developers could be region locked. In addition to that, you may no longer eligible for support if you use a an overseas model of the PS4 in Japan.

    This obviously put some gamers on edge, especially the part about possible region locked games, and one of those gamers asked SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida directly.
    • メガンテの威力に目が点 (you_binbin): yosp PS4ってリージョンフリーじゃなくなったんですか?
    • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): you_binbin ?
    • メガンテの威力に目が点 (you_binbin): yosp https://support.jp.playstation.com/a...hVVzJDbA%3D%3D
    • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): you_binbin これはリージョンフリーであることを全く否定していませんよ。

    In the twitter exchange above Yoshida-san is asked “wasn’t the PS4 region free?” When he doesn’t understand the question, he’s shown the url of the FAQ I translated above, and responds “That doesn’t deny that it’s region free at all”.

    Indeed it doesn’t, as the console itself is region free, but it does say that some games may be region locked."

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    TidusMcCloud Guest
    Hahaha I like that... but it'll probably be a PS6 or higher by then. However, i'll probably be buried with my PSP cause that thing never leaves my person.

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    Emiya Shirou Guest
    The ps3 is the same, Persona 4 arena is locked.

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    elser1 Guest
    i really wanna know if games are account locked like vita or i can share and buy from us psn store cheap n play on eu account etc etc. thats all i really want to know!!! lol

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    region locked lol this is a dickmove sony. sometimes us or eu version of games are better than others. for eg. 'the last of us' us version is full of violence on the other side in eu version all gore is removed.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I thought they said PS4 games wouldn't be region locked a few months ago?

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    dsavage Guest
    yeah i'm willing to bet very few games will be RL.

    no need to worry i'd say, especially since he said it's still region free.

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