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    PS4 DLNA Support Rumored to Arrive in 2015, PS Mobile App Redesign

    Today a Sony employee unofficially announced that PS4 DLNA support is rumored to arrive in early 2015 alongside a PlayStation Mobile application redesign in the works and more below.

    To quote: We’re all excited to find about what new features are coming to our PS4s in the coming months. Verified Sony employee /u/IWorkForSony shared some interesting information over at the PS4 subreddit.

    He talked about upcoming DLNA support for PS4, a redesign for the PS Mobile App and PS3 entitlements possibly carrying over to PS Now.

    In regards to much awaited DLNA support, IWorkForSony estimated an early 2015 release date. He also noted that Video and MP3 support could come as early by the Holiday season this year.

    I’d say early 2015 for DLNA.

    MP3 and Video Players by the Holiday season (MP3 maybe sooner)

    A much need redesign to the PS Mobile App is also in the works, which IWorkForSony described as more functional and modern.

    There’s a redesign in the works. It should be more functional and modern (read: less cheesy blue boxes)

    He also revealed that PS3 entitlements previously own or bought will not transfer to the public release of PS Now. Tough luck folks!

    Those rumors are wrong. Entitlements for PS3 games won’t carry over to PS Now.

    Which feature do you want the most to be added to the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Natepig Guest
    Sucks if its true as I was hoping it would be much sooner

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    boxbundy Guest
    It should have been on it from release I reckon.

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    ommos Guest
    I would like for better access to streams from your friends, i.e. from the friends list. Currently I sometimes can't even find the stream in the UI while on my laptop I can see that he is streaming.

    Also this Twitch follow button, DNLA, Youtube and my promised DriveClub PS+.

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    Apr 2005

    Sony Hints on DLNA / Multimedia & More Features in PS4 Firmware 2.00

    Following up on the previous PS4 DLNA rumors, today Sony hinted on PlayStation 4 DLNA / Multimedia and Suspend / Resume features in their PS4 Firmware 2.00 Update slated for Fall 2014.

    Below are the details, to quote: Yesterday at Gamescom 2014, Sony announced a major PlayStation 4 firmware v2.00.

    It will arrive in Fall 2014 with wide range of fan requested features such as ability to share gameplay videos on YouTube, Share Play feature which allows online co-op gameplay of games even if your friend doesn't have a copy of the game in question and remote controlling PlayStation 4 titles over Internet.

    The announcement was made on PlayStation Blog, however no details were shared about the Suspend/resume and DLNA/multimedia and other important features. PlayStation 4 owners are not happy with this attitude of Sony and has let their frustration reach Sony via comment section on PS Blog.

    Scott McCarthy, Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, SCEA has hinted that other fan requested features such as "Suspend/resume and DLNA/multimedia" might also arrive with PS4 firmware v2.00.

    When user "Beckerjr" slammed Sony for not caring about PlayStation fan feedback and just concentrating on social media features. Scott hinted there are more things coming with PS4 firmware 2.00 and Sony will talk about it closer to launch.

    Beckerjr: "Sony asks for feedback all the time and then just ignores it with all of this endless share/Twitch/streaming stuff they are so focused on. Fixing the main UI so it doesn't just become and endlessly growing line of icons. Suspend/resume and DLNA/multimedia features the 8 year old PS3 can do. I could go on for a long time with things the PS4 desperately needs but Sony seems to only care about social media junk."

    When will Sony get off this freaking social fixation they have and work on the fundamentals of the system?"

    Scott: "Guys, we really are hearing you. Doing anything for the PS4 means doing it right. I am glad you have the high-class issue of a long list of icons. That means you have a lot to do on your PS4! Organizing content is certainly on the roadmap. We do have "More to Come" (hint: in the title of the post) and will be talking about more details as we get closer to the launch of 2.0."

    When another user named "Zookey" asked to consider these features as well for Playstation 4: "External HDD Support, MP3/Video File Support, Game Folder and Allow Sub-Accounts to use Share Upload Features".

    Scott replied: "Thanks Zookey – PS agrees those are suggestions to pay close attention to."

    So there you have it folks, a clear hint that Suspend/resume, DLNA/multimedia feature might arrive with PS4 firmware firmware v2.00 in Fall 2014. Tell us in the comment section below what other feature you want to see?

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    windrider42 Guest
    I hope they are correct. Lots of features we all want for sure.

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    ommos Guest
    It would be nice if the 'System software stability during use of some features has been improved.' in some of the release notes of firmware updates actually did something for the unstable features. I still have problems connecting to certain streamers twitch stream and/or chat.

    It would also be nice to access a live stream from the friends list.

    But first on my list would be DNLA/Video file playing.

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