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Thread: PS4 2.50 Beta 1 Yukimura Firmware Update Surfaces, Tester Feedback

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    retsamdionomed Guest
    !!CREDITS TO Ocelot4444 from GAMEFAQS!!

    For US, if the above doesn't work for you. Use this method.

    1. Start up the proxy program but not the server yet. Use this as the source:

    And this as the target:

    2. Run the server, and on the PS4 set it to the proxy's server.
    3. Turn off PS4, and reboot into safe mode

    (download the beta update and have it in your thumb drive)

    4. Once in safe mode, update via thumb drive giving you an error when done.
    5. Restart the console through safe mode (don't remove thumb drive) it'll start downloading on the console.

    From SKFU:

    Can a moderator add the other way i posted in the thread OP, because this way is fail proof and can work with any region

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    pioupiou Guest
    thank you for this beta

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    Bomm Guest
    thanks again guys!

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    ebkjiud Guest
    cheers all!

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