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Thread: PS Plus: 15 Months for $32 PS4 Strategy

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    JeoWay Guest

    Post PS Plus: 15 Months for $32 PS4 Strategy

    I suppose you read up about the PlayStation 4 requiring users to have an active PS Plus Subscription for Online Multiplayer?

    Well, I suppose your a bit frustrated with this and I can tell you now that there are certain ways/methods to get extra PS Plus Subscription time for free!

    If you don't know what PS Plus is, it is basically a service provided by Sony that guarantees you to get at least 3 - 4 full PS3 Games per month. 3 - 4 free PS Vita Games per month. Soon, 3 - 4 Free PS4 Games per month!


    Guess what? Sony normally offers users to purchase a 1 year PS Plus Subscription and get an extra 3 months for FREE! How to do this? Be on the lookout for offers/emails from Sony (or look in the ad bar at the top of the XMB). Sometimes this offer will appear.

    So if you wait and purchase a 1 year subscription for $49.99 when this offer turns around, you will get an additional 3 months for free.

    PS Plus 12 Month Subscription = $49.99
    PS Plus 3 Month Subscription = $17.99

    12 Months + 3 Months = 15 Months.
    $49.99 - $17.99 = $32.00

    If you claim this offer at some point, you will technically only be paying $32 for 15 months of PS Plus! Great Online Service. Free games across 3 different PlayStation Platforms. Online Multiplayer (PS4 Only), cross chat. Amazing right?


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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Sony isn't going to pay you $17.99 for the extra 3 months so that math is wrong though

    You get 15 months for 50$, not 32$. Assuming you will always pay per 12 months to save money, the extra 3 months is valued less than 17.99

    But either way, an extra 3 months tacked on for no additional cost is something to watch out for.

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    SwordOfWar Guest

    PS4 Free-to-play games and PS Plus

    Somehow I missed this, but apparently Sony will let the publisher decide if their free-to-play games will require a PS Plus subscription to play online.

    Most likely F2P games will simply work with or without PS Plus. The question is if a game does require a monthly subscription, how will that tie in with PS Plus, and will such subscriptions be cheaper for PS Plus subscribers.

    Most likely if a game uses a subscription model it wouldn't require PS Plus, but you won't get any discounts if you have PS Plus. We haven't seen any game yet that suggests a mandatory subscription model yet though (only F2P and micro transaction models). However with many subscription based MMORPG games moving to a F2P (with micro transaction/in-game store) model we may be seeing the end of mandatory subscriptions in the future.


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    JeoWay Guest
    The point was to tell people that you can get the extra 3 months. But when you think about it how I though of it (hard to explain in text), its almost like paying $32 mentally (not on your bank account though)

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    JeoWay Guest
    The only thing i personally have heard about subscriptions for psn is ps plus. So maybe if you have ps plus, you get it anyhow.

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    imranulferdoues Guest
    JeoWay, do you mean if I activate a 1 year PSN+ subscription using a PSN+ subscription card around the time when the extra 3months offer is on going, I will get the extra months included to my account..?

    Or should I have to use credit card to purchase PSN+ subscription directly from PSN around that time..?

    Thanks for the post..

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    The OP's math was a bit confusing. I would buy a couple more 15 month subscriptions of plus if it was only $32. That would be a great deal. 15 months at $49.99 is the best deal I've seen so far for plus.

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    JeoWay Guest
    What I do is buy a 1 year prepaid card, when the time comes just redeem it at that time

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