Some PlayStation Now Beta game loading times have been leaked from an anonymous participant and have since been compared to the previous phase of testing with details below.

To quote from DualShockers (linked above): "Back in February a reader that wished to remain anonymous sent us a list of the loading times of all the games that were available in the first phase of the beta of PlayStation Now.

The beta has now moved on to the second phase, with a whole lot of new games available and even some returning ones. The same reader took it upon himself to clock the loading times again using the same internet connection and shared them with us.

Like last time, each timing in the list below is from the launch of the game to the splash screen. We were provided a video as evidence, but we were asked not to publish it to protect the tipster’s identity (and account).

Between parenthesis you can also see the loading times of the returning games in the first phase of the beta, for comparison’s sake.

Current PlayStation Now Beta List:
  • Shadow of the Colossus - 46.72 (old time: 53.98)
  • WipeOut HD - 57.19
  • Dead Nation - 40.05
  • PixelJunk Monsters - 39.90
  • Shatter - 38.86 (old time: 39.77)
  • Guacamelee! – 32.36
  • Disgaea 4 - 33.30 (old time: 47.12)
  • Dead or Alive 5 – 36.55 (old time: 51.10)
  • Critter Crunch – 38.37
  • Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond – 35.81
  • Zeno Clash II – 35.62
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - 32.28
  • Puzzle Quest: Galactrix – 36.45
  • Rise of the Guardians – 35.12
  • Dead Island – 36.22
  • PAYDAY: The Heist – 37.03
  • Order Up!! – 35.66
  • Alien Rage – 39.27
  • Real Steel – 35.82

Previous PlayStation Now Beta List:
  • Dead or Alive 5: 51.10
  • Disgaea 4: 47.12
  • Papo & Yo: 43.10
  • Killzone 3: 53.49
  • Darksiders II: 50.53
  • MX vs. ATV: Alive: 48.15
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: 50.89
  • Shatter: 39.77
  • Shadow of the Colossus: 53.98
  • Puppeteer: 44.16

Our tipster also gave us full details on his internet connection (via Speedtest) for reference, as it does seem to influence the loading times considerably.
  • Ping: 17ms
  • Download speed: 7.65 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 1.88 Mbps

It’s worth mentioning that in the first phase of the beta all the titles but one between the ten available had a loading time well above 40 seconds, and half of them clocked above 50 seconds. The second phase of the beta has all but three of the nineteen games under 40 seconds, and many of them by a large margin. Only one game (WipeOut HD) takes over 50 seconds to load.

Examining the loading times of the four returning games the improvement is even more evident. Shadow of the Colossus now takes 7 seconds less, Disgaea 4 gained 14 seconds and Dead or Alive 5 a whopping 15 seconds. Only Shatter isn’t much faster, showing a difference of less than a second.

Of course loading times will vary from user to user depending on the bandwidth available, but the test was done using the same internet connection as last time, roughly at the same time of day.

Ultimately it’s easy to notice that PlayStation Now is definitely going in the right direction for what loading times are concerned, and since the service is still in beta, with months to go before its launch in the summer, there’s still room for improvement."

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