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    glonyx Guest
    drphuz which school did you go to?

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    drphuz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zecoxao View Post
    you're smoking heavy doses of weed then.
    How did you know?

    If 1.0 is 100%, then .40 is 40%, which means .04 is 4%. What school did you go to? Thats simple math all day k-6.

    Not my fault $ony is full of it.

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    moja Guest
    No, they already stated 0.4%, which means the math was already done. Percentages are relative numbers, and in this case the number of launch units is much larger than 1 (which your percentages are based off of). You can't just arbitrarily change numbers in real math.

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    guardianx71 Guest
    Guys for crying out loud... 0.4% means 4 per thousand... 4units out of a thousand.

    As 4% is 4 out of a hundred. It's a division of 1 unit... Know what that is? take a hundred items (called a). Each one of those is 1% of the total(a). Take that 1 item(b) and redivide it to another 10 parts... each one of these(c) 10 parts is 10% of (b) and 0.10 of (a)

    Damn won't let me edit... 0.10 is the same as 0.1 and 0.01 is 1 out of ten thousand.

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    drphuz Guest
    Ok guys,we talk percentages any more we'll have to make another thread, lol.

    I get it. But you know what im talking about.

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    guardianx71 Guest
    Yeah , indeed. But these sort of problems is the reason i NEVER buy anything from the first batch. The first ones are (and i am trully sorry for anyone facing problem) practically extended beta testers. Personally , I'll be waiting at least year to see if there will be any overheating ylod or rrod like last generation. Besides I've a ton of ps3 games I haven't even touched

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    vegeta777 Guest
    My PS3 had rlod after 5 yrs. I played it like a beast for hrs. Lol. It was the original first batch with four USB.

    I also have a new slim version 320hd that while testing software caused a software ylod. At this current time still working on trying to fix it with software but have had no luck yet.

    If anyone can help it will be greatful.

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    max2008 Guest
    Great , this kind of consoles have a protection of any heat related damage.

    thanks very much

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    hockey31 Guest
    I hate YLOD

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    nettcafe2009 Guest
    Me too.

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