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    Quote Originally Posted by Renold View Post
    Interesting stuff is already happening... good.
    nomenclature / structure of the protection are almost equal of the PS3 but of course is better...

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    cannot wait to test new stuff been outta loop for about 4 years I fell ill and now I am ill again. so i'll be alot more active.i need all advice and any willing to help i have very old firmware and need all updates.. i think i'm still on 3.0 (wow).

    I take it 3.5 is working fine. again any help will be vey nice. hopefully its all copy, paste,install? i bought my ps3 break driver V1.1 way back in the days, never updated. so looks like i gotta lotta to catch up on. point me the way and i'll start. please & thank you all staff & members.

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    thanks a lot

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    let's just hope the backup game can be play sooner than the ps3 time

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    Nov 2010

    Interesting that the retail discs just use a PSN package of the game - I didn't expect that. This could be a segway to slowly go all digital by next gen, by creating an argument for it. Maybe it helps the development process a bit for release time.

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    I just was thinking if PS4 backups were going to start surfacing, lol.

    One thing I don't understand: the PS4 has 1 mandatory online connection with the first boot, and can be used offline only after that. How it's supposed to be validated this RIF file to prevent using the same game disc in several machines?

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    WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO, so early to boost the morale but hell yeah, it ain't all about the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean.

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    Nice news

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    yeah fun guys

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    Just a matter of time. Seeing the PS4 is pretty much a PC running a custom version of FreeBSD. So try to enjoy your newly purchase PS4, I know I will gonna to play some NBA2K14 and COD: Ghost.


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