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    Apr 2005

    PlayStation 4 Ban Reported, PS4 PSN Ban Error Code E-82E0001D

    Following Sony's PS3 bans, today the first PlayStation 4 banning has been reported with the user's PS4 console receiving PSN error code E-82E0001D.

    When the user was about to play Battlefield 4 Online this weekend, he received the following error code message: [E-82E0001D]

    Apparently, the user was previously banned on the PS3 because of modding, meaning he most likely used the same PSN account.

    To quote (via community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-4-Support/PS4-got-banned-from-PSN-E-82E0001D/m-p/42393327#M25588): VastmanisH: PS4 got banned from psn on day 1, i played BF 4 last night, and when i came online, it showed me this. I need explanation now, so mad right now. Sony why you do dissss , Unban me please!

    A Laggy Christmas: I got no mail, I was banned on ps3 too, so maybe because of that, but it was 8 months ago and because of modding.

    I called and they were no help, they just said that this ban is permanent and because of a TOS violation.

    Finally, from Dutch Sony PlayStation 4 hacker eussNL comes a brief guide, as follows:

    Is my PS4 console / account : banned, suspended, closed or what?

    Check the Error History : [System] > [Error History]

    If any of these are mentioned, you cannot connect to PSN without Sony solving your issue (if ever ):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    You can check the generic status of PSN here. See also:

    PS4 NP Bans (via psdevwiki.com/ps4/PSN#NP_bans)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Error_Codes (via psdevwiki.com/ps4/Error_Codes)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 4 News...

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    Sostanco Guest
    O_O sony go really crazy, he must change your ps4 for sure

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    DionG Guest
    hahahaha, what a goose. love it

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    Treychik Guest
    Who would be so "smart" to use the same account, that was compromised earlier?! lol

    You know the rules, guys - with Sony you can get banned without any questions! - no unban followed (99% of the time, 1% - some Sony mistakes).

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    StanSmith Guest
    yea, $ony ban your console and your account and give you no warning. Then when you call to find out they say your banned and hang up on you.

    They dont care if you get banned. Even if do you nothing wrong and can prove it they still dont care.

    And how can they ban a PS4? Its not hacked so there is absolutely no reason to ban it. If the user is abusive then maybe a ban from that game or a temp ban but a full ban of the console for absolutely no reason is really wrong and worth a lawsuit that you'll win.

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    DoctorimiJ Guest
    At the very least, Sony owes VastmanisH an explanation regarding which aspect of the TOS he violated. Perhaps he cyber-bullied or did something else, unrelated to hacking, etc.

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    is his account banned or his PS4 banned? there is a difference

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    muny21 Guest
    I love internet lawyers. He has no case. The PSN network is not for only one console, it is a service for ALL Playstation services. And he broke the TOS, which gives Sony the right to terminate his services/contract. I especially love how a hacker is giving advice to file a lawsuit. Have to appreciate the irony.

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    elser1 Guest
    well you got what you deserved trying to cheat / mod online. you can't say much to that

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    badmrtoad Guest
    That's really harsh from $ony!

    At Least with Micro$oft they only banned the Console and not the account.

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