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Thread: Pachter: PlayStation 4 / PS4 to Sell for $349, XBox One for $399

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    Pachter: PlayStation 4 / PS4 to Sell for $349, XBox One for $399

    Following up on the previous rumors for PlayStation 3 pricing, today Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter speculates that Sony's PlayStation 4 will sell for $349 while Microsoft's XBox One will go for $399.

    Below are the details, to quote: "Investment firm Wedbush Morgan has suggested the PlayStation 4 will retail in the US for $349, significantly lower than the PS3's starting price of $599.

    In an E3 preview note to investors Michael Pachter, analyst at the company, estimates that the PlayStation 4 has a bill of materials at around $275, while Microsoft's Xbox One costs around $325. As such, Wedbush is expecting the new Microsoft console to cost $399.

    But while Microsoft's new hardware may be priced higher initially, it's also more likely to be available at a subsidised price to the consumer through a subscription contract from a broadcast, cable or ISP provider.

    "We believe the ability to watch live TV from a cable, telco, or satellite set-top box through Xbox One could entice an MSO to drive subscriptions through a subsidised box in exchange for a multi-year contract. The 'always connected' requirement for the Xbox One likely means that a broadband connection will be required, suggesting to us that ISPs may have an incentive to offer a subsidy as well.

    "In addition, Microsoft could conceivably subsidise the Xbox One through prepaid Xbox Live Gold subscriptions (as it has done on a limited basis in the past) or premium Skype functionality as well. Similarly, Sony could subsidise the PS4 through prepaid PlayStation Network subscriptions, but unlike Microsoft, it does not have a history of doing so," he added.

    Looking at Nintendo, Pachter suggested the company needs to prove to consumers at E3 that it has an enviable line-up of titles for the rest of the year.

    "Nintendo risks losing additional share to its console competitors if the quality and volume of content available for Wii U does not pick up markedly in the near-term.

    "In addition, if the Wii U's popularity does not improve by the end of the year, many third-party publishers may pass on producing games for the console. We note that EA recently announced that it had no Wii U games in development, and it remains a possibility that the publisher will abandon the platform entirely. Should other third parties follow EA's lead, the Wii U could be relegated to a first party only platform."

    While all eyes will be on the new console generation, Wedbush Morgan is also expecting a round of price cuts on the current generation technology. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are likely to have another $50 shaved off their prices, with the Wii dropping to $99. As well as a Vita price cut from Sony, there's also the possibility that Nintendo will try and boost Wii U sales with a $50 price cut or new software bundle."

    Finally, in related news a purported Sony PS4 E3 game List has been leaked (via as follows:

    Knack: Knack was first announced on February 20, 2013 and has been hailed by some as the next Crash Bandicoot or Sonic. The title character is a tiny robot that is fighting a war against an army of Goblins.

    Throughout the game you will amass materials and add to his mass, or disassemble and go back to his small stature. There’s a good bet that there will be obstacles and other puzzles you will need to beat that will depend on Knack appearing larger or smaller.

    This game will also be available to play on the Vita through remote play.

    Drive Club: Drive Club is pretty much what you might expect. This is a racing game with a few little tweaks here and there in order to set it apart. The title will take advantage of the PS4′s social features by allowing people to show off what they’ve done on the track.

    The game will also allow players to create different courses and driving challenges.

    inFamous: Second Son: inFamous: Second Son is actually the third installment in the inFamous game series. Like Knack, this game was announced at the same time the Playstation 4 was revealed on February 20, 2013.

    This title will introduce players to a new main character in Delsin Rowe. You must guide Rowe through a world that features a totalitarian government and an oppressive police force.

    Killzone: Shadowfall Killzone: Shadowfall is the fourth installment in this particular series. This game is set 30 years after the events of Kill Zone 3. War is still raging in this game as two different factions battle in order to survive.

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    moja Guest
    C'mon E3. Exciting to get new info to help choosing a new console during release, although honestly right now I am more excited for the PS4.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    $349 seems like an awesome deal.

    All those preorder prices I saw were 399 GBP, which is an overkill

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Having PILES of the games for PS3 (some of them even still unwrapped) I'll hold of buying PS4 at least till end of the next year maybe evene longer - up to "slim 2" version most likely. Look at Vita - it was promoted as the greatest console launch ever with the largest list of titles available at the launch date but in reality - you'd be press hard to select more than two titles at launch and now, year and half since launch (in Japan) and over year in rest of the world the situtation is not much better ...

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    elser1 Guest
    i just sold all my ps3 games (only 50 or so) to eb last week in waiting for ps4. i can't wait. if it 349 in usa the ps4 will be 699 in australia. we get ripped off every time. i can't wait though. kz4 looks amazing.

    oh well state of origin is on tonight anyways. QUEENSLANDER!!!

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    If this is true then that's great to hear. I'll probably buy two. And elser1, wouldn't a PS4 from USA work over there if you buy it from eBay or someone in the USA? That's a lot of money for a console. No bueno...

    Well said GrandpaHomer.

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    alexmg64 Guest
    I wont be upgrading for at least a year.. the first games are most eye candy.. don't care too much about graphic prefer good solid design game..

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Personally I didn't see anything in the currently rumoured launch line-up which caught my attention. The wise thing to do would be to wait until the PS4 is hacked to hell and back, and see if it is worth the investment, but most are not that patient.

    I'd also be weary of buying an early model due to cooling issues. On the earlier PS3s load temps of ~90C seem to a norm without modified fan settings.

    Then again the PS4's hardware (and the Xbox One even more so) is on the extremely low end, it should not be difficult to cool at all, but with Sony and Microsoft you never know.

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    SonicASD Guest
    Chances are I'll just wait until the slim versions of the consoles are out. They might be at a cheaper price point anyway.

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    entretim Guest
    I hope I don't offend anyone here that has already preordered a ps4 but in my opinion I think it really is best to wait to buy a ps4 and if you cant make sure you get the best warranty possible. Look at all the problems all the old models had.

    The fat models all get ylod and the older slims had blue ray issues. Now that have the new slims with the manual sliding tray and maybe they've finally figured out how to resolve all the issues. So it took sony a few years to finally put together a console that might actually last awhile and be durable. What do you guys think?

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