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Thread: InFamous First Light by Sucker Punch Productions Out Today on PS4

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    InFamous First Light by Sucker Punch Productions Out Today on PS4

    Sucker Punch Productions Game Director Nate Fox announced that InFamous First Light is out today on PS4 with details below.

    To quote: Yes, sir! inFAMOUS First Light is out today on PlayStation Store for $14.99.

    Gamers can dive right in and experience Abigail "Fetch" Walker's origin story, from her brutal time on the streets of Seattle to her DUP training in Curdun Cay to become an assassin.

    Fetch's unchained Neon powers and her hand-to-hand fighting are all new. To master Fetch's abilities you'll have to get used to moving fast, very fast. She can effortlessly run up the side of buildings, make an epic jump across three rooftops, then come down hard to slam into an enemy's head, all without slowing down.

    Fetch gets in close with a quick blur of hits and then knocks guys across the room with decisive finishers. When her back's against the wall, she can use her most powerful ability, the neon singularity, to suck enemies up into the air and crush them into a tight little ball before they're scattered across the city. She's the most high velocity and fluid character we've ever created.

    This explosive gameplay demands a challenge equal to her amped-up abilities. In Curdun Cay, a remote alpine prison for Conduits, Fetch will be pushed to her limits by relentless waves of enemies in its Battle Arenas. We even score your performance and post it to a global leaderboard so you can see if you're the best Conduit killer among your friends.

    Don't be fooled by the price-tag, there's a ton here to discover. There are 4-5 hours of story campaign, hours of replayable arena combat after the narrative is complete, and an improved Photo Mode. In fact, the game's so large we thought it deserved a Platinum Trophy.

    First Light is a completely stand alone, self-contained inFAMOUS experience for just $14.99. You don't need inFAMOUS Second Son to play it, but if you've got that game we've got a treat for you. Delsin is completely playable in the Curdun Cay Battle Arenas.

    Since you took the time to read this post, I deem you worthy of some tips and tricks for First Light:

    Gameplay Tips

    • Jumping enemies are vulnerable; a well-placed stasis blast can devastate them.
    • Dash Strike can knock heavily armored enemies off their feet, Kick 'em while they're down!
    • Collecting Lumens and completing side missions is the quickest way to earn Skill Points that you can use to upgrade Fetch's powers.
    • If you have problems aiming accurately, upgrade to powers that let you slow down time even further.

    Tips for Dominating Battle Arenas

    • Shoot down flying auto-turrets for power-ups and score multipliers.
    • Don't let your score multiplier expire; stay engaged and keep fighting!
    • Shoot all Hostage Takers to keep them engaging you rather than allowing them to turn their fire on a Hostage.
    • Shoot a Summoner's weak points to eliminate him quickly.
    • Wraiths have a nasty melee attack; use a stasis blast to keep them at bay.

    Have fun and let us know what you think of First Light!

    [imglink=|InFamous First Light by Sucker Punch Productions Out Today on PS4][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InFamous First Light by Sucker Punch Productions Out Today on PS4][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InFamous First Light by Sucker Punch Productions Out Today on PS4][/imglink]
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    I'll give my review, It looks better than the full game I think. Its like a demo of the full game as you only have 1 power where in the full game you have 4.

    Its half the city of the full game but its about 1/4 of the playtime. Still its a great game. Great story addon. Its just like The Last Of Us DLC Left behind. Its a prequel to the story and explains things about that character and gives the back story.

    I finished it (The complete story with all powers and side missions) in about 4 hours.

    I think its worth it, even better being a stand alone game instead of DLC to the full game. Yea, its priced at 1/3 of the full game but its also 1/3 as long. It does have extra missions so if you are to get all the trophies (Like someone else here ) then it'll take a few days to complete or longer and if you have Infamous Second Son you can use Delsin to play more challenges.

    All up I give it 8/10. Could've been a little longer in the story. I Like the stand alone part. Looks great. Great story. Great show of what the PS4 can do. Challenges are annoying and repetitive as its like multiplayer with bots.

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