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Thread: How to Swap In / Upgrade a PS4 HDD on the PlayStation 4 Detailed

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I'd like to know when this will be available for purchase and the price.

    I went with one of those external connectors lastgen but due to the location of the HDD in the new PS4 it doesn't look like it would look too pretty having a cable run out of the top of the unit, and would probably require a custom coverplate to allow the cable to pass through.

    I'm also curious if having the empty space where the HDD is suppose to be would disrupt the intended design of airflow to the components, increasing the risk of overheating.

    The other thing is the PS4 FAQ does not mention any capacity limitation, however we all know drivers with more than 1TB of storage wouldn't recognize on the PS3, so i'd like to know if there is a limitation on the PS4 as well.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    do you think you could get a 15mm 2tb in there or only 9mm? cheers
    The PS4 FAQ states no bigger than 9.5mm in height, so this HDD is good news.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elviscrid View Post
    Wonder how long it'll be before someone releases a customised cable that will plug into the internal hdd connector and extend to the outside of the case, allowing hdd's of all shapes and sizes to be fitted! (If someone makes it, can I have some money please! )
    Those have been available since the dawn of SATA. A single extender cable that has both the main SATA cable and power cable. The PS4 doesn't support external HDDs?

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    lionsfan420 Guest
    will this fit in a ps3?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Yes it'll fit in a PS3 as well.

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    Mikaz Guest
    Can't wait to put in my 4TB WD and fill it with games!

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    matt101 Guest
    The ....Seagate BUP Slim Portable 2TB Hard Drive .... open it up (youtube will show you how to do this) and it has a ..2.5" Samsung M9T HDD... inside the closure... works great in my ps4

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