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Thread: Exclusive Watch_Dogs PlayStation Content Detailed in New Video

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    Exclusive Watch_Dogs PlayStation Content Detailed in New Video

    Community Developer Nik Schmidt shared an exclusive Watch_Dogs PlayStation content video and details today for PS4 and PS3 fans below.

    To quote: Hey there! With the release of Watch_Dogs quickly approaching, we're delighted to present to you with a very first look at some bonus story content created just for PlayStation. Check out the trailer above.

    In an original mission exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Dedsec requires the help of Aiden to set the record straight and expose a company's deceitful activities.

    More precisely, they need Aiden's help, his connections, and his extreme knowledge of Chicago's complex ctOS network to track down enemies and expose them for who they really are, and he's willing to do it - for a price.

    The exclusive content provides PlayStation gamers with four exclusive missions for 60 minutes of additional gameplay, plus a hacking boost perk and a brand new character skin: The White hacker suit. It expands the already massive world of Watch_Dogs and enriches the experience for a legion of fans.

    Watch_Dogs will hit stores on 27th May 2014 - you can pre-order your copy for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 by visiting the official Web site.

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    [imglink=|Exclusive Watch_Dogs PlayStation Content Detailed in New Video][/imglink]
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    I am waiting for this release. And extra content will be sweet as well.

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