Today DICE Community Manager Vincent Vukovic invites fans to sign up for the Battlefield Hardline PS4 Closed Beta!

To quote: In a bold move, Visceral Games and EA have made the newly unveiled Battlefield Hardline playable now for the public in a closed multiplayer beta, available on PlayStation 4. This will be a unique chance for players to live out their cops and criminals fantasies - months before the official release on October 21st.

Battlefield 4 owners on PlayStation 4 can simply turn on their console, highlight their copy of BF4 and then click on the Live Tile to download the Battlefield Hardline beta and play in its 1080p 60FPS glory. Beta slots are limited, so act fast.

For those who don't own Battlefield 4, players can sign up right now for a chance to play the Battlefield Hardline closed beta at and collect in-game rewards for doing so. (Please note that beta slots are limited).

Battlefield Hardline E3 Live Stream

While you wait to see if you get into the beta, you can check out the thrilling cops and criminals action that is Battlefield Hardline right now by tuning into the exclusive Battlefield Hardline E3 live stream. Coming to you live from the rooftops of downtown Los Angeles, the live stream features 32 selected players going head-to-head in Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer mayhem.

About Battlefield Hardline:

Battlefield Hardline puts players right in the middle of the war on crime in the gritty and glamorous streets of Los Angeles and Miami, allowing fans to live out their fantasy of being a cop or a criminal. Introducing a new arsenal of guns and gadgets, including stun guns, zip lines, and grappling hooks, players take on a bold new level of strategy as both cops and criminals on every map.

Battlefield Hardline will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 21 in North America, in Europe beginning October 23, and in the UK on October 24.

Welcome to Battlefield Hardline on PlayStation 4. We hope we will see you on the streets!

For more info, visit

Finally, from below is how to get into Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta without a code:

You can register for a beta here, but chances right now are quite slim; fortunately, there seems to be a way to get into the PS4 beta even without a code.

Choose the “Live from PlayStation” window, then look for the Battlefield: Hardline stream (it’s the first one right now). Now you’ll be able to click “Go to PlayStation Store”, where you’ll be able to download the game.

This worked perfectly for me and others, although there’s no telling on how long it will last; also, it seems like it won’t trigger for every PlayStation Store. I have verified that it doesn’t work on the Italian PS Store, for example, but it works on the US one. Please let us know your experience in the comments.

The beta’s file size is around 6GB, by the way. In the meantime, you can wet your appetite with the multiplayer gameplay demo they had on stage.

[imglink=|DICE Invites Fans to Sign Up for Battlefield Hardline PS4 Closed Beta][/imglink]
[imglink=|DICE Invites Fans to Sign Up for Battlefield Hardline PS4 Closed Beta][/imglink]
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