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    Zipper Still Working on Second PS3 SOCOM

    At its recent San Diego Gamers Day, Sony announced that SOCOM was headed for the PS3 in a new game titled SOCOM Confrontation. What's interesting about Confrontation, though, is that it's the first console SOCOM game from a developer other than Zipper (the original developers of the SOCOM franchise) -- it's being handled by the brand new developer Slant Six games (who are also handling SOCOM Tactical Strike on the PSP). In its SOCOM Confrontation presentation, Sony mentioned that Slant Six is working closely with Zipper on the two titles.

    1UP confirmed with Sony that Zipper is still working on its own new SOCOM game for PS3, though it's still quite a ways off (perhaps Fall of 2008?). Our understanding is that, unlike SOCOM Confrontation, it will provide single-player and multiplayer gameplay, and the extra development time will allow Zipper to really do some new things with the franchise.

    But in case you were wondering what Zipper is up to, there you have it: two SOCOM games are officially headed to the PS3.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    wow even better news than I thought!

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