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Thread: Zipper Interactive Compares MAG PS3 Beta to the Final Game

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    Zipper Interactive Compares MAG PS3 Beta to the Final Game

    Zipper Interactive's Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham has shared a detailed comparison today between the MAG PS3 Beta and the final game code.

    To quote: January 26 is just one day away with MAG arriving on store shelves worldwide tomorrow and throughout the week.

    Before you delve into your first "official" match between Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor, though, we wanted to make sure that you knew two things:

    What the differences between the Beta 5.0 and the final version are
    How we implemented your feedback from the beta to affect the retail game on day one

    First, let's talk about the differences between the final game and the beta you tried out a few weeks ago - the most obvious of which is the mode and map count. Whereas before, the Beta version of MAG only offered six maps and two modes, the retail version has a full five modes with 15 maps to play.

    The final game also includes a handy offline training mode, unique armors, new cinematics, art galleries, trophies, and the always-popular Veteran Mode that lets you start all over again with a permanent XP bonus and the ability to switch your faction after hitting the level cap. Of course, graphical and audio improvements are in there too.

    But our "out of the box" distinctions aren't all there is to talk about. We've also addressed a number of topics that were brought to our attention when you were testing MAG earlier this month, and will deliver them to you the moment you boot MAG up with a small in-game patch (roughly 60-80 MB depending on your region).

    Among these upgrades is the oft-asked-for ability to knife an enemy while you're reloading your weapon - in addition to a pretty significant framerate increase during player-heavy games and noticeable differences in the effectiveness of every weapon and piece of armor. Moreover, we've gone back and added all-new light settings for every environment and increased the amount of time you can sprint before getting tired.

    For a full catalog of additions, fixes and tweaks, check out our complete list of patch notes on the MAG blog.

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    seems like theres a big difference from the beta.. still wont be picking it up tho, i lost interest after playing the beta and realizing it felt exactly like battlefield bad company crossed with call of duty.

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