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Thread: ZeroGame v0.50 Multi-Console Emulator FrontEnd for PS3 Linux!

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    Bernddasbrot Guest


    Very nice FrontEnd. Thank you very much.

    Edit: Zerogame 0.52 sorta-beta:
    OK, after a few final tweaks, I have it ready for the weekend. Previous messages already cover updates, but here's a quick rundown (this list is just what I've changed from Rev593 of the SVN contents using the normal installer script, so doesn't include what all Jay changed from updated Gizmod stuff, 480(i/p) & 576(i/p) layouts, LAN sharing setup, Tools menu additions, whatever else):

    • updated/reformatted Readme (attached, w/ a few changes from the one posted a few days ago)
    • script to update YDL repos BEFORE the yum update (IF doing a clean YDL install)
    • adds option to autologin/autolaunch (like previous versions did) or to login/logout manually, if you want to use YDL for other purposes (Note: the manual option will ONLY work if you do a fresh install of doesn't undo what previous ZG versions did). It should hopefully install over 0.50/0.51 if using the normal autologin option, but I haven't tested this
    • adds option to install FTP server to access zerogame user folder to manage files remotely (code borrowed from 'refactor' menu-based installer on SVN)
    • adds option to use XMAME for some arcade titles (full info in installation option) or not
    • a few more game exceptions and game .cfg files for MAME to help them display properly
    • added .bin/.rom extension to xe configs for Genesis/MegaDrive ROMs (since xe is only used for emulating Genesis/SegaCD)
    • added extra line feeds to install script to better clarify 'sections' and a few notes to warn of issues
    • changed the gamefiles folder creation to go ahead and make all the roms and previews folders on the PS3 HD even if a network share is used
    • recopies an old version of /sbin/hwclock in case yum update installs a known bad update
    • fully disables screensaver/display sleep while logged in as zerogame due to some users having it kick-in during gameplay (so don't leave it unattended w/ the TV on for long periods)
    • maybe a few other misc. tweaks that I'm not recalling.

    To really accurately test this, people willing to do fresh YDL installs are needed since installing over old versions isn't ideal testing conditions...esp. since the non-autologin option won't undo the autologin stuff older versions did. The more willing to test it and give feedback, the quicker we might have an official 0.52 (only 7-8 people downloaded the previous beta and only 2-3 of those gave any feedback).

    For this beta, you will need to download the file BEFORE doing a yum update. Here is the modified install instructions for this beta:

    1) Format your PS3 hard drive and allot at least 10GB of hard drive space to Other OS.
    Create a backup, format and restore the backup afterwards if you don't want to lose any
    PS3 data. You will need an external FAT32-formatted USB drive for your backup, if you
    need to do one.
    2) Download and burn the Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 ISO image to a DVD.
    3) Install the Yellow Dog Linux bootloader to the PS3 ('Install Other OS' in PS3 System
    4) Boot Other OS and install Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 to your PS3 with the default options,
    choosing a Root Password of your choice.
    You can disable Office & Productivity software set for faster installation of YDL and if
    you don't plan to use YDL for other purposes.
    5) Boot into Yellow Dog Linux.
    There is no need to create a user (it is recommended not to). Firewall can be enabled
    or makes no difference, except if you choose to install in non-autologin
    mode and want to access files via LAN or be able to manage Zerogame files via FTP, in
    which case it should be off or have FTP/SAMBA enabled on it.
    6) Once post-installation setup is complete and you are at a graphical login screen, swap
    to a console login (via Ctrl-Alt-F1), login as 'root' and type in your root password
    chosen during YDL install.
    7) Manually download or copy the zerogame_rev593xnxb2.tar.gz file to the root folder.
    (You can Ctrl-Alt-F7 to go back to the graphical login screen and login as root there to
    use Firefox, if needed)
    8) Decompress the tarball using the following command:
    tar zxvf ./zerogame_rev593xnxb2.tar.gz
    9) Make the pre-install and install scripts executable with the following commands:
    chmod 755 ./
    chmod 755 ./
    10) Run the pre-install script to fix YDL update issues:
    11) Run the following command to update YDL to fix some Bluetooth bugs:
    yum update && reboot
    12) After rebooting, run the install script with the following command:
    13) Follow on-screen prompts.
    14) Reboot before use.

    Keep in mind this IS a beta, so do not install over an existing Zerogame install you're happy with unless you don't mind the prospect of having to start over from scratch. Even if this is released as actual 0.52, it would still be recommended to start from a fresh YDL 6.2 install, but I may also be able to come up w/ an update file for 0.51 users that just replaces the main changed files.

    Here it is:

    BTW, 1 person downloaded a previously available beta 2 file...the only change has to do with folder creation if you choose to set up a LAN and use the non-autologin option (it just wouldn't create the folders on the PS3 HD anyway, as intended...there's no other problem with it).

    NOTE ABOUT SETTING UP LAN: You likely won't get a computer name instead of an IP address to work unless you edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf file to change the hosts line (about half-way down the file) from hosts: files dns to hosts: files wins dns, save and reboot. This will be taken care of automatically in the installation script if this proposed 0.52 becomes official.

    P.S. - I still haven't yet figured out the 90-120 sec. delay introduced if you rename your zerogame user folder and reinstall. I was also trying to do a script to update 0.51 to 0.52, but am not sure if that will work out too well (it may only partially update...w/o SD resolutions support or the ability to switch to a manual login option, among a few other things).

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    ecko631 Guest
    sounds good to me

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