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    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    You might want to revise that...there is no way you legally own 1200 NES games...
    And with the YDL5 I bet there is a program to rip, convert, or play the PAL DVD format
    you are 100% correct, i don't "legally" own 1200 NES games (nor did i ever claim i legally owned a single game on my XBOX - we're talking about emulators here), and its 1243 NES games, not 1200, my bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by minesh View Post
    i already downloaded it a long time ago. i dont like it that much IF YOU DONT HAVE A HD TELEVISION WITH A LEAST 720 DONT DOWNLOAD IT TRUST ME. the installation is hell with out 720 because it has to be in text and in the end changing it to low resolution graphic requires a solid connection to the internet and a basic knowledge of linux commands.
    I managed to get it installed on a regular tv yesterday. Just install it in text mode. The text mode isn't a difficult install at all. No different than the GUI install. Next, next, install type of prompting. After the install is done, reboot and start the system in text mode, login as root then run Xautoconfig. When you run startx the X-Window system should boot just fine.

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    PS3 Square Button

    Anyone else have trouble downloading Yellow Dog?
    Everywhere I try from, it stops at 2800 MB?

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    If you're having freezing problems, try downloading the file using Free Download Manager (that's the name of the program). There was a little bit of lag for me when it was getting started, but I had really fast speeds all the way through.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea why the update servers aren't working. When I go to the website it seems as if they have everything in there that the other versions of YDL do, but nothing is downloading correctly.

    I've checked all of the files in my etc/yum.repos.d folder and they all seem to be pointing in the right place. The only thing I can figure is they have some sort of switch in the index file that is turning off downloading until they do the wide release (which hopefully happens today or tomorrow so terrasoft can keep their promise of a Dec 25th week release).

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    Oh my god...just figured something out. In the yum files...the freaking servers were commented out with #.

    I just removed them and it works perfectly. I think I might kill myself for not noticing that sooner.

    For those of you who care to do so.

    1) Login as Root
    2) navigate to filesystem/etc/yum.repos.d
    3) In all three of the files, remove the # before each of the URL's that point to the download servers.
    4) We all win.

    I have no idea how I didn't notice that crap.

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    Also if anyone is interested, I've been able to run VLC and open up various mp3, xvid avi's, and divx avis by adding freshrpm repository to my yum.conf and downloading a bunch of additional rpm's. I might zip up all of my extra rpm files and my modified yum.conf file so other people could do it as soon as I pack it up like that for a good friend of mine.

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    Big Grin

    Is there another link to this? mine keeps timing out...

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    Tell me if this link works for you:

    That's a list of mirrors, not sure if they're updated or not and I have no idea of their speed. If you get an error trying to access that one I'll copy and paste the whole list because I'm getting to it just fine.

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    I connected fine this morning with about 500kbs, and came back a couple hours later to find my download box was gone and no iso was on my desktop. now i just getting really slow speeds and then it just stops. Using one of the mirro links now, getting about 500kbs so we will see.


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    I got the download to complete with one of the mirrors. THX coheedcollapse

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