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    rblover69 Guest

    Red Face ydl6 gnome user, restart crash when running to apps

    is there any way to lend more ram to the os in ydl6. I heard there is a vram fix but... what my problem is is running a certain amount of apps in ydl6 gnome sometimes i woul get the auto restart crash where nautelius resets then i have to re login. Have you guys found any solution to this?

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    amirel Guest
    the problem you describe does not look like the lack of ram. actually, linux can use up to 252 out of 256 Mbytes of ram (at least on the older firmwares, such as 2.00).

    instead, your problem is most probably related to the gnome configuration files. if in doubt, remove all gnome configs and try again.

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    iAtomic Guest
    run normal OS and try 10 gigs for ps3 and rest for other os.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    try to update YDL or even try to reinstall that should give you a "new" YDL to experiment with.

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    puppero Guest


    You can also try to add more swap space.

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    amirel Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rblover69 View Post
    is there any way to lend more ram to the os in ydl6.
    If you really want it - there is a project there at ps2dev.org, which allows usage of GDDR (video memory). If I not mistaken, corresponding patches are even included in the Geoff branch of kernel.

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