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    YDL Preformance?

    Hi Guys,

    i installed YDL 5 on my PS3, as instructed from this site, but i noticed that its running very slow, as an example: when i click on the firefox icon, it needed more than 10sec to load firefox window, same for other application, is that normal or this is only on my console, its anoying to use this OS with this slow response :??

    if yes, why we have to load the TDL PPC version, if it cant support it? because of the hardware access limitations...



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    i think mine responds the same...

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    Linux is severley crippled on the PS3 due to lack of access to the GPU and other 256MB RAM among other things.

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    will that problem be fixed if they actully allow the acces to GPU and ram. Will playback for u know hr.hdtv or 720p video files work fine on PS3? and what was the reason that they blocked those access?

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    For question 1, yes. - linux will run nice and quick if it has access to a 7 (or 8) core cpu.

    For question 2, - they havnt blocked access to HD/ 720p video files, its just that the cpu / gfx utilization is so crypled, that its not fast enough to play it back.

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