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    YDL install questions

    Hi all, just ordered a PS3 for uk Launch and already have a new 100gb hdd ready and waiting. I will want to install YDL but am not a big techie so have some lame questions for you all.

    1 - I have downloaded ydl and unzipped the download, I noticed in sub directories there are more zipped folders, do I need to unzip these before transferring ydl on to a dvd for the Install?

    2 - When I do copy to a blank DVD do i need to change any extensions?

    3 - When extracted the original download contents, I unzipped to a new folder, is this ok?

    I know these are dumb questions but really wanted to double check before I waste a disk.

    Also a question as regards linux itself, Does ydl on ps3 recognise wireless keyboards/ mouse after and pre installation or will I be better with wired to start with?

    I'm kinda ahead of myself but the excitment is getting to me, lol.

    thanks in advance.

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    Before I answer those, a question for you -> Do you have a HDTV, and will the PS3 be hooked up to it via HDMI?

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    when I downloaded YDL I got an ISO file. Is there a way to unzip ISOs? Please tell me because my YDL install is not working at all. I burned on a Maxwell DVD+RW, I will try to reburn with a fresh iso and try again burning with Alchohol 120.

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    Thanks to all, I finally got it installed using Alcohol120%, posting this message from firefox as we speak. Now I just have to figure this linux thing out.

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