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    schoolboyeric Guest

    YDL 6.0 youtube vids not working...

    i've updated the flash player and my youtube vids don't play, when i click play it just skips the whole video can anyone help me with this problem and how to update firefox would be nice to know?

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    VERT9 Guest
    i have the same problem, and apparently flash isnt supported for the yellow dog 6 I have.

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    slammy Guest
    yum install gnash
    yum install gnash-plugin

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    enyxer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by slammy View Post
    yum install gnash
    yum install gnash-plugin
    Gnash isn't enough... You must have the Fluendo's codecs to watch streamed videos... This isn't free,you must pay 39$ to purchase all the codecs.

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