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    Xploder PS3 Cheats System Arrives for UnModded Consoles

    Update: According to via CES 2012, the Game Genie (now by Hyperkin) will also be coming for Sony's PS3 and PSP consoles.

    Previously we reported on PS3 cheats systems including Code Freak, PS3UserCheat, E3 GoldenFinger, P3Go Cheat 3.55 CFW, PS3 Cheat Enabler and a PS3 Game Save Unlocker and now enters the Xploder PS3 Cheats System for unmodified PlayStation 3 consoles.

    The Xploder PS3 Cheats System retails for $14.99, and to quote from their page (linked above) on the device features: Xploder PS3 Cheats System

    Xploder is the only way to cheat on the PS3 - with exclusive "re-signing" technolgy you can use all these saves with your existing PS3 Profile.

    No other product, service or method offers this ability. It is exclusive to Xploder and another Xploder first!

    • Works with the all the latest games, even games that profile lock their saves!
    • Works with the latest PS3 firmwares without "jailbraking" or "modding"
    • Assigns any save to your chosen PS3 profile, whether downloaded from the xploder database or elsewhere.
    • Unlock secret content - get hidden items, power ups and extra lives etc.
    • Hundreds of cheats for hundreds of games.
    • Your PS3 will not be able to tell the difference between our "cheat" saves and your own made saves - It will load them all!


    • Simply download , transfer & play!
    • Xploder works with your preferred storage device :
    • Any USB Stick
    • Any Memory Pro Stick Duo

    Xploder Cheats software blows your games wide open. Unlock levels, get max money, unlock new characters and vehicles and much more.

    • No PS3 modding or jailbraking required.
    • Exclusive "resigning" technolgy assigns any save to your existing PS3 profile. Your PS3 will not know the difference between a save you have made youself or one you have downloaded from the xploder database or elsewhere.
    • Hundreds of cheats for hundreds of games.
    • Now includes upload facility - share your saves with 1000"s of xploder users at the click of a button.
    • Instantly updatable: includes 12 months unlimited downloads and updates from the constantly updated Xploder cheats database.
    • Live RSS feed keeps you updated with the latest gamesaves from
    • Join thousands of other Xploder community members and share cheats, gamesaves, tips and gaming news.

    Xploder PS3 Cheats System Arrives for UnModded Consoles

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    Wow, I think $15 is way too much. All it probably does is edit the "Param.sfo" file in save folder so you can have more points or whatever the cheat does. I don't recommend anyone buying this, just download a save and use PS3SaveUnlocker, no need for this.

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    so with this game hacking system, i'm able to take my GT5 save and give myself max amount of money and reload the game save to see the result, or do i have to use a prehacked save and start from scratch with playing the game., what parmaters does this let the user edit.

    its a far cry from the game hacking carts from the snes days where you had proper peek and poke HEX hacks.

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    I think it would just add the money to the previous save you have, all your information in the save folder can easily be edited, no need to start a new save.

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    I would be very interested as to how this is achieved.

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    The save unlocker has never worked for me

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    Unmodded consoles? Doesn't work for 3.55CFW? Why?

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    this sucks.. i hate this making noobs into good gamers.. its not right and i hope it brings a banwave of so called "people" who use this on psn.. that being said i'll get a cheat device if everyone else is to even it up.. grrrr

    yeah that save unlocker never worked for me to go from my unreg'd psn cfw to regd psn.. couldn't get it to work on 1 single save..
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    What is this exclusive resigning technology...

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    i don't understand... is it an official release?? (approved by sony)

    what is the required firmware? does it work on 3.55 cfw?


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