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    anticon Guest
    elser1 i do agree that people who cheat at online games are lame, but some of us that don't have time to grind at certain single player games like ff13 for example, we do get some excitement at being able to finish a 40 hour game without having to grind for 40 plus hours as well? sometimes its hard to find time when you work 40+ hours a week & juggle a wife, kids, family etc?

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Its the Gameshark seen all over again...

  3. #13
    ChaoticTissue Guest
    A downloadable file, on any flash drive? I ooze disbelief. Unless Sony gave them the go-ahead. What are the chances? Not effin' likely...

  4. #14
    Studs Guest
    Is this not just a re-hash of the "cheat" system they had before? Is it only game saves that have games completed then saved or is it like the their other cheat devices where you enter codes to mod lets say heath or cash??

    Be interesting to see which it is? I remember their psx pro system. That was awesome. It let the user peek and poke to find their own codes! Something like that on the ps3 would raaaaawk balls!!

  5. #15
    moja Guest
    Okay, first I thought this is pretty cool news, until I reread the $15 only entitles you to 1 year of updated cheat codes. That, and claiming 'exclusive resigning technology'. So their code is a little different (lol)? I guess you have to market which ever way you can in this scene. Still, if cheating gives me more enjoyment out of the game (single player), then it's a good accessory.

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    Natepig Guest
    If this is not endorsed by Sony then it is very strange that they can tamper with game saves on newer firmwares. I obviously hope that its reversed!

  7. #17
    shummyr Guest
    I see the ban wave coming full force very soon if this is true

  8. #18
    JW117 Guest
    Here is the free download link for Xploder, http://xploder.net/ps3xploder.zip

  9. #19
    Chivafighter Guest
    Its still not free.. it asks you to put a product key along with your nickname and email

  10. #20
    le23 Guest
    Does anyone have a product key?

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