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Thread: XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 arrives!

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    XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 arrives!

    The guys over at let us know tonight that their new XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 has arrived!

    Features include:

    <li>Compatible with all PS3 games.

    <li>Compatible with all versions of PS3 (NTSC/US, PAL, NTSC/JAP).

    <li>Can map the controller button keys to any key of the keyboard.

    <li>Compatible with 95% of different kinds of mouse and keyboards.

    <li>High sensitivity, precision and smoothness.

    <li>Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality.

    <li>Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels, with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse.</li>

    [imglink=|XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 arrives!][/imglink]

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    Norman Bates Guest
    This thing will make me start play fps games on my PS3, cause i really think a handcontroller cant match the speed of a keyboard along with mouse.

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