The XCM Team didn't leave PS3 fans out in the cold today with their XCM XFPS 4.0 Speed Adapter for XBox 360 announcement... they also have a PlayStation 3 counterpart to it on the way.

The XCM XFPS 4.0 Force Adapter for PS3 is also making its official debut today, can be pre-ordered from their Official Resellers and includes the following similar features of course:

- Connect PS/2 or USB mouse & keyboard to your PS3.
- Compatible with all mice and keyboards.
- Accuracy in aiming and fast response while playing shooting game.
- Easy to map all PS3 controller keys to keyboard and mouse via PC by XCM software.
- When using with our new coming product (Magic Link), the remote player can help you to pass the game level via the internet from his PC.
- 3 levels of auto-fire functionality.

Note: need to connect to PC (laptop or desktop).

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