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    gladi8r Guest

    XCM Cross Battle Adapter for PlayStation 3 Announced

    For people with hands larger than a 4 year old girl...

    The XCM Cross Battle Adapter for the PlayStation 3 will be making its debut here within the next couple of weeks.

    It is an adapter to allow you to connect your Xbox 360 wired controller to your PlayStation 3 console for use with PS3 games.

    We've received a bunch of emails from people wanting this type of accessory, so here it is.

    Additional pictures and more information will be available soon. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    venom5389 Guest
    I have a friend who constantly says the xbox controller is built better to some standard of his, not that I agree, but I guess this could fix his problem ...

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    GZA1984 Guest
    I don't get it. Why use a xbox360 controller on your PS3 when you can use the 6axis controller.

    Now if it was the other way around...

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    Kellog Guest
    I really prefer 360's thumbsticks over ps3's, but I hope the wireless PC USB adapter for 360 controllers is also supported, because I'm not willing to go back to wired controllers ever again. I would also like to see PS2 adapter for PS3 pads to be able to play best of those ps2 titles without wires, since PS3 support for PS2 games isn't working too well with PAL consoles (even I have the 1st 60GB model).

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