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    Quote Originally Posted by Boba Fett
    As am I (getting all 3 new systems). I guess I was a little mad because the Killzone 2 demo showed so much promise. Nearly every place I've been said that that trailer was completely PC rendered.
    well gamespot asked sony....and GS said live that Sony's official statement was that it was rendered in real time.
    @hellzspawn and boba:
    in the sony press conference they showed the unreal 3 demo was realtime by moving around....kind of like the ati pipe dreams demo...
    plus sony did a few other demos proven in realtime....If you can check out the "duck demo" for ps3....that is just awesome...

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    I bought all three this generation and next time I am only getting PS3.

  3. #23 is 2d....just because the 3d is scripted doesn't mean it's not rendered in real time...
    If it was paused video you can't move the camera where you want....If you find a way, make sure to get me an upskirt of one of the final fantasy girls during one of those prerenderd movies...

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    you just contradicted yourself. "they show rendering videos and angle moving."
    You can't move a camera in something pre-rendered. You go in, move the camera, then let it render the whole scene again.
    Are you trying to say that rendering is not the process of taking a 3d model, it's actions, and camera positions and making them into a media file?

    These are some direct quotes from the sony conference....Specificly the unreal 3 engine demonstration.
    "now here we're showing unreal engine 3 up and running in realtime on the playstation 3 hardware."
    A direct quote right before that video...
    After the video
    "wow! there is no way that is realtime."
    "Tim there is just absolutly no way that is realtime....You're gonna have to prove it to the audience."
    "OK...Now we'll run through the same demo um and take over uh controls so josh can actually navagate through the environment and see what we have here."
    "So here we see a floating point rendered target....."
    "Amazingly we got the first playstation 3 hardware only two months ago...So what you see here is just 2 months of work bringing unreal engine 3 up and running."
    Now far be it from me just to belive what any rep says regardless if it's a sony or xbox rep. And I got no idea as to if it was really on final ps3 hardware....
    But there's no point to show the video if it's not realtime. Everyone has seen the ur3's not new at all...And I promise wouldn't be able to rotate unless it was realtime. If it wasn't realtime you would see the screen pause and reload a bunch.....And that would be considered NEAR realtime...
    heh...sorry for the long post and quotes...but I tried to prove you wrong quickly and you just wouldn't have it... :P

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    I prey to God I'm wrong, I just watched a few more PS3 trailers... MMMmmMmMMm. That Zelda trailer was still the best though.

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    WOW! A gaming school of all places proves that I, with WAY too many years of videogame experience and knowledge, am wrong. I sincerely apologize for the incredible error of my ways... Not. I don't even know if you know what you are talking about here kid. Best to stop now before you hurt yourself.

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    HellzSpawn i know you have your differances with the other members,but could you please reframe from making remarks to the other members,as we are here to discuss topics in a more civilize way and this way things don`t get out of hand.

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    Much appreciated HellzSpawn

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    took out mine....if you're interested HS come to efnet...

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    go to main page and click on irc chat.
    it's right under the forums link on the left hand side

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