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Thread: XBox 360 Gamers are Moving to the PlayStation 3 Console

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    Takavach Guest

    XBox 360 Gamers are Moving to the PlayStation 3 Console

    It is not an uncommon practice to scour the Web, searching for news about your favorite upcoming games or a forum to discuss your favorite system.

    Within the first 15 seconds of that search, you are bound to come across hordes of fanboyish articles stating that one console is better than the other. While neither side is innocent, there are many more Xbox love/PlayStation hate articles than any other, probably due to the system being around for an extra year.

    What you may not know, or may not wish to admit, is that more and more Xbox 360, true fanboys, are making there way to the PlayStation 3. There are several questions I am sure you are wanting answered here, but lets focus on the general... What gives?

    In the last six months, we have seen Sony step up it's gaming library with an onslaught of amazing titles that any gamer would feel naked without. Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid and Killzone 2 helped show the hardcore gamer that PlayStation 3 can brawl with the best of them while LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm, Buzz and countless others helped involve even the most elementary of gamers into the next generation system.

    It is true that Microsoft's LIVE service on the 360 is 2nd to none, and it should be. But what they don't want you to know, is that the PlayStation Network is gaining ground and fast. Currently on revision 2.7, the PSN has garnered a full video service, video and text chat and a trophy system, similar to achievements, but a bit more complex.

    With Xbox LIVE Arcade being the leader of onine mini-games for the past 3 years, Sony has gunned to take that spot, and they have done just that. Not only are most of the games on the network fun to play, but 90% of them are unique and published by upcoming developers. PixelJunk Eden, EveryDay Shooter, Flower and even Ragdoll Kung Fu have found there way into millions of PlayStation gamers hearts.

    These factors have all contributed to the influx of PS3 system sales over the past several months. But why?

    There are those gamers that are buying the console as there first step into the next generation gaming world, but the truth is, the majority of consumers purchasing the PlayStation 3 system as of late, are current owners of the Xbox 360.

    According to a number of sources, that will remain anonymous (at least for now), The PlayStation 3 is beginning to offer what they thought there 360 would deliver. Regular feature updates, top of the line gaming experiences and true high definition audio and video are the key ingredients to this generation of gamer, and after some heavy fact finding, it turns out that even the biggest of fanboys can't keep there hands of the black, George Forman-esque powerhouse.

    It is not uncommon for gamers to own multiple consoles, and making the jump to the Playstation 3 does not in anyway make the 360 outdated, but it does prove a good point. The PlayStation 3 is not in a bind as so many sites would make you think. At its current price point, the system is continuing to pick up in sales and the biggest buyer is 360 gamers.

    All we we can say... Game On and look us up on PSN.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Thumbs Up Come on! join the trend!

    Pretty fanboysh article, but I agree with it ...

    I already know 1-2 friends who were XBOX owners and ditched the system for a PS3! A modchip would help this trend a lot in my contry but hey, UK sites like and have great prices and they are listing Little Big Planet for as low as 13 euros and games like End War for 17 and Orange Box for 14 so price, at least for me it's not a issue anymore!

    I shure wish we had acces to the PS Store but ... well maybe next year!

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    RobG Guest
    I would buy a Wii before an Xbox. I refuse to give Microsoft any of my money. It's bad enough I had to "buy" Windows with my laptop.. .I would have opted out of that and taken a bare, uninstalled system if I could have.

    I LOVE my PS3. I keep looking at the Wii because the wife thinks the games are "cute" but I just can't get into them.


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    ZBlacktt Guest
    I don't think many are surprised here. I mean after all at the end of the day. Sony is the world leader in gaming. This is why they are number one and number two in the all time sales record of a gaming console ( PS2 and PS1 ). I was only a matter of time before the PS3 would start to show the world all it can do and we all know that it's still being not utilized to it's full potential. Other than better reliability, it's all over in the news on up and coming games. While we read that MS hasn't announced nothing major in comparison. I also think the huge game titles on the PS3 over the last year or so has played a major role in having player's want to see what it's all about. As a gamer, not a fanboy ( hate that dumb word ). I mean, who doesn't want to experience MGS4, KZ2 and GOW3?

    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    I would buy a Wii before an Xbox. I refuse to give Microsoft any of my money. It's bad enough I had to "buy" Windows with my laptop.. .I would have opted out of that and taken a bare, uninstalled system if I could have.

    I LOVE my PS3. I keep looking at the Wii because the wife thinks the games are "cute" but I just can't get into them.

    LOL, well I have 2 PS3's and 2 Wii's ( along with 8 other consoles ) and love them. But, I too do not own a Xbox. I just didn't want to deal with the red ring issues. The scratch game disc issues, etc. Plus, I didn't feel like I was missing anything on that console. But yeah, our Wii's are for the daughter's mostly.

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    GadgetMagnet Guest
    Just got my PS3 today it sits along side my XBOX360, PS2 and Wii. I am impressed with what I've seen my PS3 do in a day. I think MS needs to do some catching up now.

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    pr0phk0t Guest

    on the fence...kinda

    ever since my first playstation I have been a fan of the system, but this did not send me on a frenzy when the new consoles came out. I waited for news on how these next gen devices would work and i chose the PS3, because there were less problems...or none.

    This doesn't mean I wasn't tempted by the glory of the 360, I was. Everyone around me was getting one. Yet, I witness everyone around me losing their new system to the red circle crisis. Well after my friend's third BOX he decided to move to the PS3 and he's been happy ever since. On the other hand my cousin just got a PS3 and he is happier now then when he first learned has happens when he rubbed himself.

    I can't really argue for any side now, but what I can say is that Sony has alot of ground to cover before this debate can be settled.

    As for XBOX fans purchasing PS3, there is only one reason for this and we fellow gamers should know this. When you consider your self an enthusiast you have to have every and any console that can play a game.

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    ultrachez Guest
    seems to me that this article is fanboyish. Yes, the ps3 has gained significant ground but xbox 360 is still ahead of the ps3 in sales in U.S. The console has its flaws but makes up of it other ways. The ps3 on the hand is a superior console but hasn't been exploited to its full potential. I own a ps3 and know its faults as everyone else here does.

    I hear owner keep telling me that about its limitless potential but you know what its been almost 3 year since it has been launched and alot of the so called potential hasn't even been explored. I know most people think that a gaming console should only be used for gaming but i believe that adding multi-functionality is a key factor. Even if the ps3 beats the 360, we dont even know what kind of time cycle microsoft is operating on.

    Who knows they might just release a newer console soon (maybe 2011) beating the ps3, before sony can start capitalizing undermining the value of the ps4 considerably. All in all, its is just too soon to tell.

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