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Thread: X-Men Origins: Wolverine First PS3 Gameplay Trailer & More!

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    X-Men Origins: Wolverine First PS3 Gameplay Trailer & More!

    Raven Software's X-Men Project Lead Dan Vondrak shared the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine PS3 gameplay trailer today via PS Blog and also detailed a live chat session tomorrow, to quote:

    I'm the Project Lead on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though tomorrow is a BIG day - we get to chat here in the Blog's fourth live chat - today is an even bigger one: I'm stoked to announce that the FIRST gameplay trailer for Wolverine has been released, and viewable below!

    Check out the Wolverine game you heard about at New York Comic-Con - the most brutal, most bad-ass portrayal of everyone's favorite X-Man.

    [viddler id=57a6803&w=437&h=288]

    Skydiving into his foes, taking impossible risks, using regeneration and feral sense in the way only Wolvey can...the entire team at Raven has focused on one thing above all: true-to-character authenticity. Whether or not you're a comic fan, that translates into epic gameplay.

    Alright dudes - hope you enjoyed the game's trailer "Uncaged". I'll be around tomorrow at noon where you can ask me about the game, what you saw in the trailer, and even more importantly, what you didn't. Trust me when I say this trailer is just a taste of what's to come. ;)
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    I hope we finally we get to see a really good Wolverine game. It still aches me to remember "X2: Wolverine's Revenge", even I enjoyed to control Logan because... Of course, because it was Logan.

    And the movie should be really cool!!

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