It all begins here, folks. You're about to be inundated with quality titles from now until Christmas. Dead Space is one we've been eagerly anticipating, so it's great to see its release in the US and Asia this week.

Even better that it'll be waiting for us when we return from TGS. Other notable releases include SOCOM, Rock Revolution and Saints Row 2. When we say "notable," we don't necessarily mean that in a good way. Here's the full release list:

US Games
Dead Space
Blitz II: The League
FIFA Soccer 2009
SOCOM: Confrontation (with headset)
SOCOM: Confrontation (without headset)
Rock Revolution
Saints Row 2
Saints Row 2 Collector's Edition
Golden Axe: Beast Rider

EU Games
PES 2009
Saints Row 2
Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Rapala Fishing Frenzy

Asian Games
Dead Space
FIFA Soccer 09

Release dates are constantly subject to change, almost completely by random. If you're worried, clarify with your local retailer. PS3 games are region free, so go ahead and import any game in the list above.

Be aware, however, that DLC is region locked, so those downloadable Dead Space suits will only bought if manage to grab them from the appropriate PSN Store. More PlayStation 3 News...