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    Stick Out Tongue World's First PS3 Blu-ray Game Dump hits Cyberspace!!!

    Update #2: Third time is a charm, eh? We have now received confirmation of the third PS3 iSO dump as follows (and yes, we will continue reporting on them all- it's the Next-Gen scene after all!): Resistance_Fall_of_Man_USA_PS3-PS3 (ps3-rfom.partxxx) Here is the NFO File, and the size/FileList.txt has already been reported in our Past News.

    Update: A second confirmed PS3 iSO dump has just hit the net- here are the details on it courtesy of Jurai of iRC EFnet #PS3News: Genji_Days_of_The_Blades_USA_PS3-PS3 (ps3-genji2.partxxx) which is 12.2GB (13,103,923,200 bytes) and here is the Genji: Days Of The Blades (USA) PS3 FileList.txt for those interested! Here are some pictures from it as well: ICON0.PNG pic, PIC0.PNG pic, PIC1.PNG pic, and PIC2.PNG pic. More to come soon!!

    Just 2 days after we reported the news of the World's First PS3 Blu-ray Game dump, the GODS @ Paradox have now released the following for those interested in examining a PS3 game who don't own a PS3 just yet.

    The release title is NFL_Madden_2007_USA_BLUERAY_PS3-PARADOX and the NFO file is available HERE for PS3 fans and collectors alike!

    Finally, here is an excerpt from the NFO file:
    . R E L E A S E N O T E S .

    Well everyone here it is - the world's first accessable PS3 rip !
    (We heard someone released something but we couldnt find anything
    concrete so thought we'll release it anyways!)

    We may be quiet on the release front (Why do all the suppliers
    go to 'lesser' groups ?) but we here at PARADOX dont sit around
    doing nothing - OK maybe most of us do, but some of us actually
    earn our money and have managed to rip this little baby for your
    pleasure. Granted it may end up being a bad rip or even totally
    unusable like the initial PS1/2/PSP/XBOX/XBOX360 releases but
    without them I doubt we would be able to play them now.

    No doubt there will be many other groups releasing all the release
    titles but coz were skint and cant afford to buy em all were only
    gonna do the ones we managed to get from Blockbusters And as
    many as our 56k modems can upload this year

    - - - - - - - - - - - - ALWAYS REMEMBER - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In other PS3 news today, Red Kawa File Server v1.0 For PS3 is now available (allows you to you wirelessly view and copy files from your PC to your PS3) and also PSP Video 9 v1.92 For PS3 has been updated which now includes fixed PS3 MPEG-4 AVC Support!

    In PSP news today, Dark_AleX has updated to Homebrew Enabler RevD For PSP 2.71! Those interested can use our official Homebrew Enabler RevD For PSP 2.71 released! Forum thread, and the changelog is available below!
    Revision D (DevHook version also included)

    * Fixed a bug in a patch bad done in a delay slot that caused some UMD games not to work when HEN was running (this issue was fixed in SE before)

    * Fixed a bug in the loading of big user PRX's, that affected a plain PRX of SOCOM2 UMD, and some homebrew PRX's.

    * Bypassed a crappy $CE protection that prevented the UMD to be mounted if the application was run from the memory stick

    * USB mass storage couldn't be loaded by homebrew in non-DevHook version because semawm.prx is sign checked. HEN now applies the algorithm to reverse the sign check, letting this and the rest of firmware modules to be loaded by a homebrew.
    Dark_AleX has also shared with us Custom Firmware Revision C 2.71 SE For PSP (use our official Custom Firmware Revision C 2.71 SE for PSP released! Forum thread) and a HenD And SE-C SDK For PSP today!

    aeolusc has shared with us a All-In-One Hybrid Flasher For 2.71 SE-B And C For PSP today for those interested. To quote from the ReadMe file: "Only 1 EBOOT, 4 Hybrid PRX's embedded, just create a folder in game150 and copy EBOOT.PBP in. Then run the homebrew, Press CROSS to flash, CIRCLE to remove."

    skirocket has shared with us a Custom Firmware Revision C 2.71 SE MP3 Module v0.1 For PSP today for those interested.

    PS1P Alpha 1 For PSP is now available, which is yet another PlayStation Emulator for PSP. According to the ReadMe file, it is said that compatibility is impressive- with some games running at FULL speed. Feel free to share your own feedback in our PS1P Alpha 1 Compatibility List!

    Ephyon has released both a DevHook v2.71 + 3.01 FW FULL Hybrid Mod For 1.50 Users For PSP and a DevHook v2.71 + 3.01 FW FULL Hybrid Mod For 2.71SE Users For PSP today for those interested.

    jas0nuk has shared with us a VSHExtender CPU BUS Speed PRX Mod For 2.71 SE-C For PSP today. This PRX can be loaded in 2.71 SE-C to enable CPU BUS Speed switching.

    PSPSwampy has shared with us a nice and very detailed PSP SE-C & Plug-In Tutorial today- sweet!

    whackawookie has shared with us the following PSP EPSiLON Mod FiXes today: Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (USA) PSP EPSiLON FiX, SEGA Genesis Collection (USA) PSP EPSiLON FiX, and Sonic Rivals (USA) PSP EPSiLON FiX. 2

    Finally, apcarr has shared with us both a Justice League Heroes (USA) 715MB + 577MB PSP RipKit (use our Justice League Heroes PSP thread) and a Luxor: The Wrath Of Set (USA) 18MB + 13MB PSP RipKit, and please post related feedback in our Luxor: The Wrath Of Set PSP Forum thread. Enjoy PSP fans!
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