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    PS Button Color Working PS3 Pics had some article about the PS3 with pictures and a video. below are the sample pics.

    (note: im not sure if im allowed to post a link to outside or pictures. - Admin if you think this is inappropriate pls let me know so i can remove it or you can delete it also.)
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    psm6.JPG   psm7.JPG   psm2.JPG  

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    Nice pics- I will add them to our Site News! Also, external links from official $ony developers or magazine sites are OK too!

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    Thanks for letting me know. i was worried for a moment there.

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    dam it looks good i will be getting one of these baby's

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    Looks pretty awesome..

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    Yeah the PS3 is looking very nice! But i see (looking at the video) it still has the same old loading times of every other Sony console.

    Hope that's just because the person using it is a bit slow and not how we're going to experience it.

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    SWEEET - nice looking menu too

    Just wondering if the whole menu system firmware is based around the PSP style, and in which case... is that why they've delayed the launch? - because they were fixing 'bugs' that allow people to play homebrew?
    (Lets hope they haven't fixed them all! ROFL)


    P.s. Not sure that link should really be here, but i'm leaving it up to PS3News to decide because it's sooo sweet watching it in action!

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    So whats the big deal about the flap on the front. It just covers the card reader right? so what? why do i keep hearing about the 'infamous' flap.

    Like thr front end though. Always been a fan of the psp's front end. But would have liked to see something more of an evolution other than a nicer wave. Regardless. I'll stick to my PSP until good games come out.

    No offense to people eagerly waiting but Motorstorm just looks like Flatout with some bikes and buggies thrown in and nicer gfx. Resistance looks like an Area 51/Call of Duty clone. Only games i seen that looks interesting is MGS4 and that White Knights story game.

    It takes more than a shiny black and chrome plastic box to make me part with a months wages.

    Made the mistake of buying a 360 at launch. Used it over the xmas holidays, thats it. Havent played in weeks. 300 of dull white plastic sitting idle. Only turned it on to download the X06 demos and videos. Not impressed.

    Perhaps i'm getting old (31).

    Also whats this?

    Things to note:
    1) The speed the machine sucks the disc in. Wow! (Huh? Wow? Discs get scratched quicker?)
    2) The PS3 start up sound - it's like an orchestra tuning up. Cool. (Yeah i love it. Sounds very cool)
    3) The similarity between the PS3 interface and the PSP interface. (Very nice but would have liked something different)
    4) Watch out for the first recorded lifting of the PS3's flaps. (What? Who gives a rats ass? Oh hang on. It sounds vaguely rude. 12yr olds will love it)
    5) Listen out for the fact that $ony don't officially have a name for the 'PS' button in the middle yet. (Well if MS dont need one why do we?)
    6) And check out those flashing blue and green lights. Groovy. ('Blue' Nintendo Wii, 'Green' Xbox 360. Sony rubbing it in?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    P.s. Not sure that link should really be here, but i'm leaving it up to PS3News to decide because it's sooo sweet watching it in action!
    Yep, it's OK as it's just a link. If we were actually hosting the video here then I would consider being more cautious... but if $ony wants it down they will just contact Google, etc.

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    nice pics. will be hopin to get one

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