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Thread: WipEout HD Reports of Crashing/Freezing Surface; Possible Fixes

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    WipEout HD Reports of Crashing/Freezing Surface; Possible Fixes

    Several have reported on the official UK PlayStation forum (linked above) that they are experiencing random crashes and freezing issues with the recently released WipEout HD.

    Based on user feedback thus far, the bug appears to be affecting only those with too many people (50+) on their PSN friends list. SCEE Community Team Leader MusterBuster stated that Sony is looking into the issue, however, some are reporting possible "fixes" until an official update or patch is made available.

    To quote lowrider007: Well, for me anyway, I can now play signed into PSN and no freezes, I updated my firmware to 2.43 and it seems to be fine now, I've had it on for about 3 hours now and it's the first time it hasn't locked up at all, strange that should fix my issue, perhaps their was a glitch in my last FW update for something.

    To quote D-E-V-I-L-08: Listen carfully...

    1. Sort out your buddy list - At 1st I had 61 friends.. and moved down to 38 friends.
    2. Then delete both Wipeout game PLUS the system key (found in system data) and delete gamesave too.
    3. Go to your download list.. then install the FULL GAME KEY (100kb) File 1st
    4. Download the game
    5. After completion, Install the game.. then.. turn PlayStation 3 off... and on
    6. Run game.. and you're good to go!

    Note: Don't forget to turn off the screensaver.. Go to SETTINGS then DISPLAY OPTIONS and SCREENSAVER.. set to DO NOT USE. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dazbo Guest
    create another account after you downloaded the game on your master account, install, and play on the new account.

    See if that works, you'll be a billy no mates though. Not that it matters as there is no way to play with friends online, unless you stumble into their room, or you know what their room is called.

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