Update: SuperSaiyen has now shared with us a Vice C-64/128 Emulator For PS3 Linux today in our ongoing Emulators that work for Linux PS3? Forum thread. Also, those interested can check out some leaked PS3 Home screenshots on our Home Beta Trial signup! Forum thread- both HERE and HERE!

Yesterday coheedcollapse shared with us HERE the new PS3 WiFi-Enabled kernel For Yellow Dog Linux. Just prior, schturf has shared a nice Tutorial on getting it going with PS3 v1.70 Firmware for those interested. Nice job guys, and be sure to check the ongoing Wi-Fi on Yellow Dog Linux Forum thread for the latest developments!

Next up, just under a month ago in a Blog Entry we hinted about a RUMOR regarding a possible PS3 $DK (and potential v1.60 JAP FW SRC- 87MB) leak soon. This alleged leak 'package' of approximately 670MB in size also contains PSEdge files, tools, docs, emulator, compiler, pkg_distrb_packmkg.so (Linux), home_gdc07_xmbextc.elf (upcoming game PS3 DEV executable), etc... and the nice part is the watermarks have been completely removed according to the source.

The source, who has been a licensed $CEE developer for 12 years in Germany, also mentioned that "in a future $DK release, the format of CFS (Cell File System) will be changed... thus, reformatting of the built-in hard disk may be required." He went on to tell us "we are focusing on work with Vaio at the moment... so it's possible the next PlayStation may be called something along the lines of PS VAIO/PSP VAIO." Finally, the source hinted to us the following: "wait for Getaway... it's the only PS3 game in development here at the moment which is using the Cell CPU as it has to be used!"

With that being said, due to obvious NDA restrictions the source wishes to remain anonymous. There are no confirmations of the alleged leak 'package' being publically available yet... but we here at Team PS3News would love to see one surface soon- hopefully the powers that be are listening.

PSP Files: CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.82 For PSP, PSPSSH v1.0.5 BETA For PSP, PiMPStreamer v0.90 For PSP, DeFlasher Edition v2.0 BETA For OE For PSP, XMB Theme Cycler v0.1 For PSP, XMB Theme Cycler v0.2 For PSP, PSP Wardrobe v3 For PSP, and Auris v0.4 BETA For PSP.