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    Knucklez02 Guest

    Why wont my MP4 DVD's play

    I ripped some dvd's to mp4 using DVDFab and they've worked before but I re-formated my HDD on my PS3 and ripped some new movies and now all I get is sound and no image when ever I try to play them on my ps3. Is there something I'm missing here?

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    0xeffe Guest
    I would say that you should try to encode your DVD with XviD4PSP http://winnydows.com/ to test it (select PS3 Settings ). If they work it is highly likely that your DVDFab settings are messed up.

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    Knucklez02 Guest
    Okay XviD4PSP MP4's worked on my PS3 but why does it take so long. DVDFab only took an hour at most (when it was working) what should my settings be? is there a special screen res I should be using?

    Why does the Frame Rate from XviD4PSP so crappy?

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