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Thread: Why Sony is Utterly Broken and Why a PS4 is Needed Now

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    Why Sony is Utterly Broken and Why a PS4 is Needed Now

    Smart House Australia has put Sony's PlayStation 3 console under heavy fire, by stating that the PS4 needs to come out now and Sony is falling too far behind.

    They criticize Sony for not being like Nintendo, and being more interested in "grunt and performance than something as simple as family entertainment and a device that is exciting to use and cheap to produce."

    Moreover, they actually doubt Sony has the ability to deliver a new breakthrough console in the future.

    To quote: The Company that has been kicking Sony's backside is Nintendo because they have done what Sony could have done but failed to so because Sony engineers are more interested in grunt and performance than something as simple as family entertainment and a device that is exciting to use and cheap to produce.

    So as games like Wii Fit and the Wii interactive sporting games clean up sales because of a simple interactive controller Sony is still contemplating what to do next.

    This is not the first time that this has happened, Sony engineers did a great job of designing the walkman until Apple came along and gave them a software lesson that was more about designing an IPod that was more consumers friendly and easy to use than the Walkman. Now Nintendo has done the same but this time in the gaming market.

    This is a Company that is living off yesterday's products and a brand that is looking sicker by the day. One also has to wonder whether they have the resources necessary to produce the Playstation 4 or even the people that are smart enough to actually deliver a breakthrough product.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Dreamcatcher Guest
    I'll tell you that if sony quits on the PS3, i'm done with the console business for good!

    Xbox 360= RROD
    PS3= Bad Sales

    Yup I'm done, I have invested in both of them. Guess thats my fault...

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    MoO9820 Guest
    The only thing i read out of this is "fanboy". Common every buisness is doing bad right now, doesnt matter if its sony, microsoft or capital one lol

    Sure sony had to cut alot of jobs, so did microsoft, does that mean the 360 is in any stronger position? Hardly.

    Also how can u compare a ps3 or 360 to a wii? Yes the wii has outstanding sales, but thats because of the gimick which is involved with it. Everyone loves to play games, and hell playing them with an interactive remote control is cool! HOWEVER, the fun drys up quick. I bought my wii on release day, i played it for a few good months, got some fun and laughs, and now 2 years later, it sits in my bedroom playing dvd's. Do i game on it? Hell no, the controls on ALMOST any game are well..... shit.

    Comparing the wii to a ps3 or 360 is like comparing gold to copper? Sure copper has a nice shine to it when its polished and its cheap, but dulls with age. where gold keeps on shining and looking amazing, ofcourse for a price.

    So do i think the wii won the console of the year? Out of all 3, yes. In a fair comparison, no... only reason it sells good is because the kids are like "Woah! I MUST HAVE THAT" and parents are like "Well hell its cheaper than the 360 he wanted "

    Out of the ps3 and xbox 360 there basically neck to neck, both have there strong points, both have there flaws. Only time will really tell, personally i dont really care which come out on top, as im having fun gaming on both

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    Shrink Guest
    They can't be serious on that!?! The PS3 is not only a gaming console. The PS3 is also a movie-distribution-machine.
    I don't expect a new Playstation anytime soon. Also I don't think it could be called "Playstation 4".

    Nintendo was just lucky but with offering nothing more than crap-ware games an old ports (be it on VC or polished up old gamecube games) they won't be that successful with their next console. I bought a Wii. But I never use it because it has no acceptable games anymore.

    Wait until Sony shows their new controller (there are rumors of research for about 1.5 years now). Wait until stereoscopic play is introduced. Wait until HD-TV get's it's breakthrough!

    It doesn't need a new console. Sony can just improve the PS3 as much as they want. It's not yet at it's limit. So why should they make a new console? There is absolutely no reason at this moment. They will come up with new concepts for the PS3. You'll see!

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    i like how they criticize the ps3 for poor sales and like a user said before, everyone is doing bad, whether its sony, microsoft or capital one. but they are still holding their sale numbers as well as microsoft. the wii is aimed at a new audience that the sony never had any interest, and the only reason the wii is doing so well because all these people never had any contact with a console before so they have no loyalties to any manufacturer.

    so when they released it they had lots of people waiting to buy them, im not saying its bad that they went for a different target audience, but because the playstation and the xbox are aimed at a different group of people than the wii you can never really compare them on sales or games.

    if all three manufacturers went out and developed a console like the wii then they would have ignored the old market and it would suck.

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    Zerotacg Guest
    got a ps3 + hdtv this chrismas and already had a wii for a year or so..

    the wii is fun for party/family games and it's sice and price make it appealing, but there aren't a lot of games that actually use the wiimote's capabilites, some just use it as a regular gamepad, so nice idea but the game suck in using it and when it comes to hdtv the ps3 just rocks, can't compare with 360 though, it's just lame seeing how wii sucks in resolution compared to the ps3. And if u go for Movies, Bluray etc well Blurayplayers are at ~170-200€+ (aprox 225-260$) so have of the price of a ps3 is the bluray player included.

    If they really would bring out a ps4 right now... who would buy it? right after christmas where ppl already bought their ps3

    It maybe right that the wii is nice n small n cheap and the wiimote is quite fun, at least if u get some games that use it, but I'm certain that most pppl with a new (HD) TV will complain about the poor resolution of it, at least when they see a ps3 in 1080p the first time *g*

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    How can you compare a PS3 to a Wii?, the Wii is a gimmick it cannot be labelled as a 7th generation console if anything its just old hardware in a sleek new package which has been nintendos philosophy always why improve when we can take something thats old and shit and throw a few gimmicks in (motion sensitivity) and sell to idiots. If a Wii actually excites you please GTFO of these forums!!

    As per the comparision of the Walkman and the Ipod, Apple is just like Nintendo its a gimmick that only sells because it has a massive user database of idiots supporting the shit that the company produces.

    Another article from Australia which is worthless utter bullshit, thankyou for making us look even stupider to the rest of the world.

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    NoChanceinHell Guest
    What is the deal with PS3 slander lately? Spare me...The only thing Nintendo's Wii console represents strong competition to is Sony's Playstation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox.

    Tell me what game would you buy from this stellar library of games:

    Wii Fit, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, No More Heroes, Okami, Mario Kart Wii, de Blob, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City, Wii Music, Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Perhaps the one where Mario performs the old in-out with Pikachu?

    Like Shrink mentioned, Sony is already working on a new break-apart controller. Sony is not the type of company that fears to be innovative. There is always going to be some products that fail to make an impact (Betamax), but others have being hugely successful including the Walkman, Playstation, PS2 and more recently Bluray superseding HD DVD as the format of choice.

    Remember the huge success of Nintendo's Power Glove? It only set them back 16 years before reattempting motion sensing peripherals like the Wii remote.

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    sika Guest
    haha this is crazy, ps3 is improving and slowly taking over, wii granted has teh fun factor, but this really doesnt last, i'm seriously considering selling my wii + wii board because now i have a ps3 i dont play it, i didnt get a ps3 sraight away because of the price but when i decided to fork out the money i knew it was the best decision i could make i have no regrets.

    the wii's fun factor doesnt last ver long, ps3 is a true gaming system, releaseing a ps4 would kill sony, loosing so many customers & ust a waste of money, the world aint ready and this company is being silly, and sony knows that.

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    otarumx Guest
    The Wii is a console for quick games for the "non gaming" public (newlyweds, grandparents small children, etc) all those people that have never played videogames ever. So, in a society of 6.7 billion people where only a small fraction are gamers it's not surprising that the Wii has sold as much as it has. And it's also not surprising that it ends up as a console that is used only once or twice a month and ends up being forgotten especially by "real" gamers.

    The gaming crowd is probably about 200 million and that is the market that Miscrosoft and Sony are aiming for. With 17 million PS3s sold and 28 million Xbox 360s they are far from being a failure when you consider that last generation's "failure" the gamecube sold only 22 million in it's 5 year run. In fact they are doing great compared to the "beating" thay are getting from the Wii.

    Now imagine if Sony actually did the idiotic thing of getting out of the business. That would mean that they would accept failure and that the Wii model is the way to go. Then Microsoft will follow that model and we would end up with crap ware all over. No more Gears of War, No more Fallouts, No more Final Fantasies all we would get are Mario plays some sport, Petz 51, Gamecube remakes and old VC games. That is not a future I want so, all those people wishing the Playstation to fail should really think long and hard about that idiocy for they could as well be responsible for another collapse of the game industry.

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