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    Aug 2007
    yeah it does , but a bigger HD can always be put in. I always want a bigger drive but im still not using all of the one that I have now.

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    white is pretty cool, but i like black better. I hope we can get some dualshock soon.

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    Ceramic 40gb with DS3 its very interesting, but even "old 40GB model" without sisaxis at US$299 maybe much more atractive for gamers.

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    Feb 2008
    we need some decent case designers on the job here methinks...

    cus I would certainly buy a new case if one was on offer sick of all my games falling off top
    and yes also black and DUST does tend to be a big show up, it is like a habbit trying to wipe dust off every 10 minutes.... like a cleaning disorder LOL

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    nice, but i'll waiting mgs4 bundle with ds3

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    Feb 2008
    miss ps3 white and silver in europe

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    are you sure for silver in europe?

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    White is only for women...

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    the white is more beautifull than the black, i want to buy it

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