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Thread: White Knight has Aspects that are only Possible on PS3

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    triple7 Guest

    White Knight has Aspects that are only Possible on PS3

    In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Famitsu ran an interview with the developers over at Level-5. In addition to formally announcing the release date of the title as December 25, the interview revealed some other interesting tidbits.

    Expectantly so, the game has a huge budget, and is the biggest game the developer has dealt with thus far. Also, White Knight is possibly only one episode in a series of many, and a prequel is already on the drawing board.

    Finally, and most interestingly, there is one aspect of White Knight that has yet to be detailed. This unknown feature goes far beyond anything seen in any RPG before it. It's also something that Level-5 claims can only be done on the PS3.

    So what is this tightly-kept, secret aspect? It sure has piqued our attention! More on it as the game comes closer to release. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kujiraldine Guest
    Interesting, indeed. In my opinion, this feature isn't a simple graphical effetc, like tesselation or somekind of memexpress technology. I'll bet on a physical effect (like fire, magic and other stuff like that...).

    Of course, we don't have any picture of this feature... no?

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    jribanez2002 Guest
    I guess some review sites like gamespot have a picture on white knight already.

    it might be the game play or some kind of new graphics effects.?

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    GFYamato Guest
    At last PS3 will get it's first decent jrpg, at least i hope so.

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    kmsnow Guest
    i just can't wait for this game to be out! i'm a huge fan of rpg, and i really look forward to finally getting some good rpg games to the ps3.. and this game sounds like a winner to me

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    Warrorar Guest
    i cant wait to buy that game when it gets released in english or german
    the graphic looks great and the gameplay seems pretty funny.

    but i'm interested what these aspects are, which are only possible on the ps3. what could they be?

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    crimsonraziel Guest
    Maybe its something to do with online play? haha. Cos the trailer looks kickass ans their battle system seems to call for more "on the spot" tactics.

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