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Thread: White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds v1.01 Hits PSN This Week

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    White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds v1.01 Hits PSN This Week

    D3Publisher Assistant Producer Miki Takahashi has announced today that White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds update version 1.01 hits PSN this week.

    To quote: We wanted to share first details on the Guild Update (game version 1.01) for White Knight Chronicles II. The update will radically enhance your online play options and provide more than 100 pieces of new downloadable content along with some other new features; read on for an in-depth dissection.

    Guild System

    One of the most exciting features is the new Guild System. By purchasing the commerce item "Guild License" at the PlayStation Store, you'll be able to create your own Guild -- a collective of GeoNet communities built by players that enables them to interact with each other online as they play.

    Create a Guild and you will have your own personal Guild page, which will allow you to participate in online Guild rankings, access the Guild's exclusive HomeTown, and more. Once you create your Guild, you can pick your favorite character as a concierge (Guide) by purchasing a Concierge ticket item.

    Your concierge is a sort of Guild mascot that helps run day-to-day operations by managing your guild's HomeTown, its guild tokens and GeoStones, and providind information about designated quests.

    Members of a guild are allotted three guild tokens per day. Guild masters receive four a day. You can use guild tokens when creating or joining in quests. If you do, completing the quest will earn GeoStones and prestige points for your guild. You may commit up to five guild tokens to a single quest. The more guild tokens you commit, the more GeoStones you can obtain.

    You can carry only up to three days' worth of guild tokens at once, though you can purchase a Token Storage Ticket, to keep up to seven days' worth (that's 21 tokens, or 28 for guild masters). You'll receive GeoStones by completing quests. GeoStones are the jewels that affect your guild's position in the rankings. There are twelve different GeoStones, and the type you are likely to receive varies based on the Guild Rank of the quest.

    GeoStones enable guild members to obtain prestige points, raising the guild's reputation and improving its position in the online rankings. If your guild builds up enough prestige, it will gain a level the next time points are tabulated in the rankings. The higher a guild's level, the more facilities and items become available in its Guild HomeTown.

    Also, GeoStones can be "GeoForged" to transform them into other items. Some items may only be obtained through GeoForging, and the items you can create change on a daily basis. Boosting your guild's level will increase the selection of items you can create through GeoForging.

    Statue Factory

    Statue Production has started at HomeTown's Binding Post. Speak to Gaspard in your HomeTown to commission a statue. You can get a Statue by paying with small jewels known as Dahlia or with a Prism Ticket. Prism Tickets can be purchased either at the in-game online store or at PlayStation Store.

    There are more than 150 statues dividing into 10 Statue Packs. You can check your "Statue Collection" in the Travelogue of the main menu. By placing the right combination of statues in your HomeTown, you can earn statue bonuses. Gather some statues and try it out! Here are some examples of statue bonuses:

    Statue Bonuses

    • Georama Stat Cap Raised (to 60)
    • Place more than 1 statue. Stat cap raised to 60.
    • Farmer Stat Bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types of giant vespid, troll, or fire giant type statues.
    • Miner Stat bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types of scorpion, lizard, golem, or machine type statues.
    • Lumberjack Stat Bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types ofplant type (such as polkan) or wyvern type statues.
    • Warrior Stat Bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types of spider, assassin, or dragon type statues.
    • Mage Stat Bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types of spirit, undead, or Pyredaemos type statues.
    • Chef Stat Bonus +1
    • Place more than 2 types of beast or greaver statues.

    Check your Georama Stats to view the statue bonuses currently in effect! * Statue Factory is available only when you are signed in.

    New Dowloadable Content

    The Guild update will also bring more than 100 pieces of new downloadable content that yu can buy via the in-game store or PlayStation Store. In addition to the aforementioned Concierge Tickets, Guild License, and Prism Tickets, new downloadable content will include:

    • Incorruptus Colors: More colors are now available to customize your Incorruptus.
    • Artifact Plans: Will earn you Incorruptus armors with unusual colors at a relatively low rate.*You must have access to an Incorruptus Workshop in order to bind artifacts.
    • Georama parts: 28 kinds (90 DLCs) of new Georama parts are added to the patch to upgrade your Georama town.

    [imglink=|White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds v1.01 Hits PSN This Week][/imglink]
    [imglink=|White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds v1.01 Hits PSN This Week][/imglink]
    [imglink=|White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds v1.01 Hits PSN This Week][/imglink]
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    lindwurm Guest
    I really hope duplex or someone can do something about wkc 2 update, i've been waiting this unique rpg game to to play on jb console

    (hmmm the game has similiarity to darkcloud ps2 in building, geostones and equpiment but more complex in wkc...)

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