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Thread: White Knight Chronicles: The Biggest PS3 Exclusive that Nobody is Talking About!

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    White Knight Chronicles: The Biggest PS3 Exclusive that Nobody is Talking About!

    Much is made of the oft hyped and upcoming juggernaut's that are Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet and to a lesser extent Killzone 2. All have huge hype surrounding them, and they are all exclusive to the PS3. However, lost in the crowd seems to be Level 5's latest title White Knight Chronicles.

    White Knight Chronicles is an RPG that follows the story of Lenard, a boy that finds an ancient artifact that allows him to transform into a 7 meter tall White Knight. Though details of the story are still being closely guarded by Level 5, as reported by Famitsu the game will run at about 50 to 60 hours to complete. Whether that is just the main story or takes into account side quests remains to be seen.

    Enough talk though. I think this game is going to deliver for RPG fans in a major way when it releases in late 2008.

    Don't believe me? Check out some of the videos below for gameplay, a trailer and an interview with the creators themselves. This game is going to deliver for starved Sony RPG fans.

    Videos can be seen below:




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    abdiel8 Guest
    hope that this game is as good as people say it will be, because there arent many rpgs for the ps3 right now.

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    Horrigan Guest
    Looks neat. For all those rpg fans I suggest you to buy Persona 3 FES who's coming the 22 april, it's kinda one of the best last rpg and know that Persona 4 is on the way too! On the ps2 on top of that..

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    JJCOOLX Guest
    The game is being made by the same great masterminds behind Dark Cloud 1+2 and Rogue Galaxy so its almost 100% sure-fire going to be something special

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    mublakcor Guest
    Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition still goes strong in my ps3 until something spectacular comes along i dont think ill buy white knight thoug, hoping for force unlished

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    xxxbeanyxxx Guest
    looks a bit sluggish and linear, i will stick to Oblivion.

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    B3yondGamer Guest
    I NEED my RPG fix. This would be the first true rpg for the system and I am fairly excited about it despite the lack of information I have about the title. But I have seen the trailer and anyone who hasn't must download it so they will be just as hyped.

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